Cant Close open tickets

Hi. I am new to Samba POS. But thanks for the Amazing software that it is.
My question is pertaining to the fact that i am unable to close open tickets.

I click on the Settle button on the order page. After that it moves to the Settle screen.

Post that, when i am settling the payment, suppose - bill value is 120 rupees and i click on ‘All’ tab, after that the Close ticket option goes in the background i.e. i am not able to select it.

I have inadvertently deleted the Card / Cash / Voucher options from this screen because i only accept cash. Is this causing the problem.

Please help me as i really want to get moving ahead with this incredible software

Close is not how you record payment. You have to select Cash, Credit, or Voucher,… so basically you deleted your only ability to record that payment. You can rename cash to whatever you like… but do not delete it.

Please share with us how you deleted it… did you just delete the Payment Type? Hopefully you did not delete any of the Accounts stuff related to it. You can recreate Cash Payment Type from Tickets - Payment Types:

Set default mapping and you should be good.

Since you do not accept It would be ok for you to delete Credit Payment Type… however if you ever decided to take credit you would have to recreate it… So I advise just deleting the mapping but keeping it there.

You can also remove it from the accounting, but unless you just do not like seeing it there is no reason to remove it since you will not be running transactions through the Credit Payment Type.

Both of these suggestions would accomplish what you want but would give you the ability to easily add Credit to your options if you ever decide to in the future without having to recreate it from scratch.

Thanks for the quick response kendash. I checked in the Payment Types - and all 4 i.e. Cash, Credit Card, Voucher and Customer Account appear over there.

Just that they are not present in the Settle screen

I actually dont recollect how i removed the mapping for these though

If you just removed mapping then click on Cash Payment type… go to Mapping and just add default mapping (Click Add it will be default with * for each field)

I checked in the Mappings - It shows * for the first three and ‘Ticket’ under ticket type

Ok so that is correct. Can you give a screenshot of your payment screen? You did not delete anything from Accounts did you? You did not change or add any Ticket Types did you?

Kendash - it says new users not allowed to upload images :smile:

One minute Ill change your permission.
EDIT: Try now.

Can you pm a copy of your database? I can look at it for you. You probably messed with a naming or mapping somewhere.

Im new to this … Wudnt really know how to get the database loaded… Is there a way that I can simply reinstall the software keeping my menu items intact… i have not started using it yet, so i wont be losing any data

Can you go to Settings / Local Settings and post a screenshot of that. it tells us what type of database your running and we can give you more detailed instructions. Menu items etc is stored in the database… so are most settings like your payment types… Yes we can reset everything but it would also reset your menu items… we can help you fix this if we know what type of database your using.

Did you rename Ticket Type? Or did you add a new Ticket Type for it to use?

Local settings shot as below

Double click where it says SambaPOS in upper left corner to change to windowed mode and at top of window where it shows the Window name At the end of the name does it say TXT or SQ or CE?

It Says SQ in the name

Your using the local DB of SQL. I am not very familiar with it so I will not be able to help you reset your install. However there is no reason we cannot fix your issue. Back to my question did you change Ticket Type or add new Ticket Type for any reason?

I guess not - here is the ticket type screen

Ok now the next question. Under Accounts did you change anything? In particular Transaction Types. Do you still have a Transaction Type called Payment Transaction? Also do you still have under Accounts/Accounts a Cash Account?

Check this against your setup…

I’m attempting to show what the default settings are supposed to look like. Study them carefully and see if there is anything missing. After changes, logout, login to refresh the cache.

Reinstalling will not fix the issue you’re having, unless you delete your DB entirely. This is because installation does not overwrite customizations that you have made to the system, which is essentially what you’ve done. Re-install would also keep all your products and menus intact, but it’s not going to fix anything.