Can't edit custom navigation on 1024x768 screens

In 5.2.18, if the screen resolution is at 1024x768, it is not possible to access the “Enable Customisation” and “Save Changes” buttons when you right click. Therefore there is no way to edit the tiles or save changes.

as compared to what can be seen on a larger screen resolution:

This is very important as the majority of POS terminals are 1024x768 resolution.

For the moment is there any other way to access “Enable Customisation” and “Save Changes” whilst this is being fixed? Maybe a keyboard shortcut?

You can Zoom Out until you see all buttons.

Sorry, how do I zoom out?

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Really? Use mouse wheel on top-left SambaPOS logo while pressing shift + ctrl… Double Click to reset.


Scaling option also helps I think as my 15" elo screens are only that resolution but they are scaled to arround 80-90%

Still an issue with 5.3.4

There is a solution for this already, it’s not an issue when you zoom out

In my terms of understanding, this is not a solution but a workaround. A proper solution would be to adapt the “configuration bar” that all elements fit even on a screen of that resolution (which is quite common).

Yes, however it’s a minor issue and really a non-issue once you know how to zoom the screen.

SambaPOS is fully responsive but I think there are some elements we have to accept some workarounds for where it’s not a big issue to deal with. There will be at one point where the resolution would not allow you to fit them all in anyway so I think the workaround is acceptable.