Can't resize icon

How i can resize icon menu item

Your question is a little vague, what do you want to resize? The Image for the pepsi?
You would want to resize the actual image.
Not done much work with images on buttons but you might need to add empty space each side of the can…

On a separate note, see you have allot of categories with a long scroll list, have you seen the options for category column count and width? I personally try to avoid having to scroll as improves efficiency.

I am talking about pepsi

and I not want to change image size of pepsi image but i need to big size product button

Product button sizes are defined in the menu category options.
Menu List - Menu Name - Edit All Categories - then its about the 10/11th column next to column count.
However due to the gid layout you cant make just one button bigger, you define the columns and button height for the whole category.

My brother I am not talking about categories

I am talking about product button

Like pepsi

The option for the size of the PRODUCT BUTTONS is in the settings for the CATEGORY that product is listed in.
The number of columns and size of the screen defines the width and you set the height.

Just to clarify as the arrow positioning is not ideal, the first button height column is the height of the category button, the one I have circled is for the products in that category.

can not change

Have you logged out and back in again?

yes I logged out form system but not effect

Your doing something wrong then!
Your trying to change the height of the product buttons (the green ones) yer?
Your screen shots dont really tell me anything.
Show a screenshot of the settings I showed you.

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That image is way too big for that button.

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If it helps i resize all my images to 500px by 500px and they show perfect

That kind of answers a question thats been pondering on my mind, samba does resize the images to fit then?
Have been trying to sus out what the sizing perimeters are, some seem to be scaled to fit width but then some dont use the full width… so not entirely sure.

Yea there is some scaling i dont know what it does i just wanted square buttons so made my images 500x500 and it seemed to work

My point is if it scaled that Pepsi exact it would be so small you wouldn’t know what it was. Your images should be proportionate to your buttons for them to look right and scale right.

Think this way. You have a tall skinny image and trying to scale it into a short wide space. That’s the old square peg in round hole.

that picture size is 246*416

I able to resize button but image is not proper showing
and I also change size of image to 500px * 500px

Read what I said your trying to fit a tall skinny image into a short wide button. It won’t work. Button should be proportionate to image.

Samba does ‘scale’ the image it doesn’t stretch the proportions.
Make a image with say 300px wide and 200px height and insert your can picture into the new image so you have more space each side of the can.

Also i have 4 product buttons on each row you only have two so try making it four that way the buttons will be more of a square shape then try inserting a square image, like @Jesse said make the image the same shape as the button or vice versa

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