Cash limitation

Hello everybody

I wanted to put limitation on cash account if it’s exceed 5000, cashier couldn’t be able to cash. Something like message show up to do a pickup you can’t cash further and setlle button will disappear from screen.
Any idea how can i achieve this?

Probably won’t be able to hide cash button but a payment processing setting in the payment options should be able to display a message.

Any idea how can i stop cashing after 5000 cash?

Yes, like I sugested take a look and try using a payment processor…
Do we need to have another 'discussion ’ about paying attention and having a little initiative :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps add limit with a calculation to take the current account balance from 5000 to give the max posible amount allowable.

i understand adding the limit and tried to put the max amount and min amount but i didnt understand add limit with a calculation?

May be this?

You need to explain your intent more clearly.

Payment Processors are for PAYMENTS. You ask about limiting Cash (a Payment Type), which sounds like you want a Limit Payment Processor for the Cash Payment Type. This has nothing to do with the Ticket Total, which is a different intent entirely.

Now you are talking about Calculations. What does that have to do with anything? Calculations are applied to the Ticket and affect the Ticket Total, and they have nothing to do with Payments or Payment Processors.

If you are instead asking about how to disable any Payment Type mechanism once the Ticket Total has reached a certain threshold, then that has nothing to do with Payments or Payment Processors at all.

Before offering ideas for disabling Payments based on Ticket Total, confirm your intent clearly.

If you are instead asking about how to disable any Payment Type mechanism once the Ticket Total has reached a certain threshold, then that has nothing to do with Payments or Payment Processors at all.

No, i want to disable any payment type mechanism once the account total (i.e Cash) has reached a certain thershold.

I think what he wants is when there is too much cash in the till drawer a warning to appear to inform the cashier a cash lift is needed.

This is to reduce the amount of cash in the drawer for security (theft etc)

When the limit is reached, 5000, the warning appears and the till then stops being able to take cash payments until a cash lift is performed and the value in the drawer lowered

This is something ive thought about but not started working on yet. I have this where i work, once the cash threshold is reached a warning appears after every transaction until a lift is done

Adding the warning message needs to happen when the cash account reaches 5000, or maybe add a program setting called cash lift and evertime you take a cash payment the setting value increases by the amount of cash. Once you get to 5000 the warning appears

Then you would need to setup automation to remove a cash amount from the drawer and add to a cash lift account or something and also reset the program setting to zero so it can start again


Yes exactly…
You are the best :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have a pickup account instead of cash lift, the only thing i need is when cash account reaches to 5000 cash payment type would disable or if we can disable settle button.
and i have 4 different cash accounts for each cashier i.e cash 1, cash 2, cash 3 and cash 4.

If you use the program setting route to increase in value based on amount of cash taken then you could easily constrain the settle button to not work if the cash lift program setting exceeds 4999


How can program settling able to get cash amount from cash account?

I really have a hard time understanding why you would do that. Would you really make a customer wait or worse turn them away if your drawer has too much money in it? Maybe I am missing something here but this seems like a very bad bad idea.

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It have 3 more cashiers, customer can cash from other cashiers and secondly it take only 5 minutes for supervisor to do a pickup.

I wouldnt restrict the ability to pay so it doesnt affect customers, i wouldnt want to wait 5 minutes for someone to do a pickup.

You would be better with a warning popping up until reset

Still anything that is inconvenience to customer for no good reason is bad for business. However we all have different ideas and experiences. I would be annoyed as a customer to have to switch to different cashier

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Well yeah warning also can work.
So how can we do this?

So this is what ive done so far:

  1. Used a program setting to update value based on cash amount tendered
  2. When program setting reaches cash lift trigger warning appears on screen
  3. Select yes to open drawer, enter cash lift amount, create a log of the cash lift and reset program setting to zero, ready to count up the next set of cash until trigger point
  4. Select no to return to pos screen but the warning will appear after every transaction until the cash lift is performed which resets the trigger counter

Here it is in screen shots from my test system (im going to change it slightly later due to other parts of my system interring with it, but this gives the idea)

My trigger is set at £50 for demo testing

  1. Add sale for £60

  2. Click pay and select a cash payment option

  3. Ticket closes and menu changes to my cash lift warning screen, select yes to perform a cash lift

  4. Enter cash lift amount of 50

  5. POS screen return to main sale screen, at this point the trigger point has been reset to zero ready for next set of cash sales to build up the cash in the till drawer

  6. Check the Cash lift report to view a log of the cash lifts


  1. Create a payment processed rule with an update program setting action as below

  2. Create a Ticket Closed rule with an action of your choosing to display the Cash Lift Required message. You could use an ask question action with yes and no buttons to do what I have used in a menu and change menu action

This is also where you set your cash limit which prompts the message to appear, in this example the cash limit is set to £50

You would be better off using an ask question here, read up on forum about ask questions and how to assign commands to your buttons, in this case Yes and No

  1. Create a Task Type to log the cash lift from the drawer

  2. Create an Auto Command Executed rule to reset the cash trigger value to zero, open the cash drawer, add the task log and in my case navigate back to the main pos screen

This is triggered by pressing YES on the warning screen and fires the Cash Lift Reset auto command that fires the below rule. In an ask question warning message you would assign the Cash Lift Reset auto command to the YES button

That should help with the steps and how you can create this in your own system, like i said at the beginning ill be changing slightly what i posted above to more suit my system, but its an example of what can be done

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