Cashup Screen sambapos v5

@RickH I have been reading about your new setup and was wondering if you had a change to post backup of your database? I have been in need of a cashup screen and really could use part of your work to setup mine. Thanks!!

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We are discouraged from sharing backups as it can cause licence issues.
Also it doesn’t help you learn, only give you a complex setup you don’t understand :wink:

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You can check out this post in this very Topic as well…

Hi Guys I am pretty much stuck. Ive got QMcKay’s sytem that I redesigned so it works with our currency and what I need it to do and it works brilliantly thanks QMcKay I could not have gotten this far without your system as a guide. My problem is even though I can enter the values for the money as soon as I start new WP and my values reset I loose the count. when I pull up a report for the previous day or anouther day it only shows the value that is currently entered on the cashup screen. Any ideas how i could fix this?

Is your using program setting values to store the figures these will get overwritten and will not be historically recallable.

Historical Reporting …

Thanks Guys I will have a look at that. yes I am using {SETTING:X}

sorry yes I am using {SETTING:x} values to to store and call my values

I was having the same “issue” with historical reporting of Cashout, which is why I converted to using Tasks instead of Program Settings {SETTING:X} That is what the post is talking about.

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Thanks guys I have been busy playing around with the task settings but now I have another problem. I redid your Cashout Report QMcKay to suit what I need and I intergrated it into Emre’s shift system all fine so far, I can print each cashiers Current Cashout report from Reports all fine but when I press the button I created for them in each shift screen it prints the totals for that cashiers report not the current one. Is there something I can input on the button settings to let it print current report only?

hellow Eduard, it will be great if you could upload this solution please.

Hi @RickH do you mind sharing this :slight_smile:

Hi @RickH,

Great work you have done for the Work Period report and the screen. I adopted it for one of my projects and looks cool, though I am facing a problem, When I add the values in any of the fields, I can’t get the fields affected nothing is calculated. And the database that you uploaded has refresh issues, whenever you enter a value it vanishes and turns into 0 again.

Any help on it. I am sharing a screenshot for my screen.

Hi @RickH,

Sorry for the above thread, I was missing with the Cashing up Rule after adding it the values are changing but again, as soon as I enter the values they just vanish. Your provided backup also has the same issue, can you please advise what I am missing here?

Thanks in advance.

The way it works needs to be updated. It should use localsetting.


I didn’t get you. In local Settings I can see nothing related to XZ Out or Sales Reconciliation.

Im pretty sure he means local program settings.
‘Program Settings’ in a sense of automation are a way to store values, they can be global (in SQL table) so same value available to all terminals and updated centrally or local (in program cache) amd only available to recall on that terminal.
Entity screen fields are geared towards local program settings rather than global.