Categorise difference food and drinks

Hi everyone, any idea how to separate the foods and drinks accordingly like above the red square?

Those buttons are not category buttons, they are custom product buttons setup for a retail type environment when you enter a price on the keypad and the select one of those buttons

So you would key in 5.00 and press the grocery button and it would add grocery as a product on the ticket with price 5.00

If you want category buttons across the screen like that you would need to make a menu screen using custom products, you can only have categories in a column as default

Those custom buttons would then open another menu when pressed, showing the products associated to it

I’ve created a retail type setup that doesn’t use the built in category system at all, I use multiple menus and all the buttons on my screen are custom product buttons that either add a product to the ticket or open another menu with other products or options

Have a look at my tutorials these two are two different ways I have used, I now use tutorial 14 in my retail and bar setup as it’s easier to change and amend than the code part in tutorial 15