Change Price List NOT updating Price List unless

…you close and reopen the ticket in case that a trigger has executed while you where in a ticket.

For example, I am updating a ticket (adding orders) and the trigger that changes price list is executed, or a rule. the price list changes, but the new prices are not beeing effective until you close and reopen the ticket.

Is that made in purpose? or am I missing something?



I got similar problem with the triggers. @emre, can we request a feature to test the time interval?

I am just guessing but I bet tickets inherit the changes at Ticket Creation so there is no way to change in middle of an open ticket. I could see this causing all kinds of havoc if it changed in middle of a ticket…

You could maybe create a popup that shows when a trigger executes. This would atleast let you know that its changed and you can either cancel the items make new ticket or use the abort transaction button I just wrote a tutorial on and restart a ticket.

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