Change search criteria from "STARTS WITH" to "CONTAINS" on warehouse purchase screen


Is there a way we can change the search filter when purchasing items on the warehouse screen so that when we search it shows results of items that CONTAINS the query rather than listing items that STARTS WITH the search query?

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SambaPOS 5.2.11 Beta Release

Also can we get the ever so requested barcode field added to inventory items and the adding inventory screen so we can scan new stock in quicker instead of typing it in?


I added these for the next update.

  • Custom Tag support for inventory items
  • Partial search on inventory transactions. (F4 shortcut)
  • Adding inventory items by searching with custom tags.

You’re a legend Emre!! This will make inventory quicker and easier to process and make a lot of people happy :grinning:

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Geez! I can’t wait for this update. I’m so happy already. Thanks a lot

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Really, maybe an Update Action can be considered now? Leads to better Supplier Ordering :slight_smile:


Yes I’ll consider it.

… after I understand what it means lol.


Ok @emre thought you could read minds LOL…


I understand “Product Tag” is used in some places like mapping a print job but the ability to change it on the fly is a cool thing and can be used to programming advantage…

Hope that helps…

(Hypothetical: Also I assume the ‘Custom Tag’ does not have a restricted size limit (within reason) as if we were to pack fields into the 1 Tag like “Last Order|01/01/2018;Order Amount|10;…”)


@pauln I primarily implemented inventory item custom tags to store values like barcode and being able to call items inside purchase document by using barcode. I couldn’t understand how updating item or product custom tags on the fly can be useful for your case.


Well your implementation is helpful but as we have talked about it before Inventory can be a “can or worms”.

So my use would be to PACK other bits of data into the Custom Tags like:
Last Order Date
Last Order Quantity
Supplier ID
Back Order Quantity
(Any Data useful to track Ordering)

I could use string manipulation to UNPACK the data and then use it during POS operations. Currently I use Entity Data but that limits me to just 1 Supplier for a product.

Found my last attempt:
Q’s attempt:

Lots more but I will stop there…