Change Server Button

I think, I would be beneficial to have a “Change Server” button on left side of ticket.

Usage: A server starts a table and he/she can not finish table. Server shift is over and table is not ready to leave. It would be great if table can be transferred to another server.


We store users by order line so if another server continues a ticket new orders will calculated as his orders.

Hi Emre,

Servers do not have access to other server’s tables.

I would be nice if they are prompted for an admin PIN to gain access to other servers table.

Ok, but a lot of times a server has to leave because of shift ending or whatever reason and they will not collect the money from the orders they put in earlier. If I understand what you’re saying a server adding to another servers ticket will in a sense split the ticket between the two servers still counting the orders already put in to the first server. The problem is that that server is not going to collect the money because they clocked out or what ever. So when they print their report it says that they have to pay for a ticket that they didn’t collect money for. Instead, the first orders should be on the second servers report because they collected the payment and will be counting out with that money. This is a very common situation and I would really like to know how to set this up. someone in another post said this could be done with custom reports however that seems really over complicated. The report is just fine. What needs to happen is the user of a ticket has to change. How can this be done?

@sxit let me understand something. Orders placed by waiters is something different than Payments collected by waiters. Which one you want to see?

They are the same in terms of the money due by a server at the end of their shift because if you collect money for orders you didn’t put in then your count out will be wrong. Unless, that server transfer the orders to you.


I was thinking to discuss the need for change server button again. Change server option would be a welcomed feature for high volume restaurants. Background for change server button. Just recently, I helped my brother-in-law open a new restaurant. It is a very high volume restaurant. The restaurant is staffed with three bartenders, three hosts and 15 servers. There is always a wait during dinner time, host staff encourages guests to go to bar and have a drink awhile waiting for a dinning table to open.

Usage Case:

  1. Guests go to bar and order drinks, bartender opens a table
  2. Dinning room table is ready and guests move to their dinner table
  3. Guest tells bartender to move their order to new dining room table (This is not possible)
    Current options:
    a. Ask guest for payment before moving
    b. Do not ask guest for payment, but a manager need to open that table for new server constantly, since server do not have access to other server’s tables.
    c. Void the order and server starts a new table

It would be very helpful if managers can change servers assigned to a table. Similar to change table.

Benefits of Change table option:

  1. We do not have to ask guest to pay their table before moving
  2. Accurate server sales reports. (Our servers pay a portion of their sales to bartenders and busboys)
  3. Faster guest service. Managers will need to transfer table once.
  4. No voided orders

I have to give kudos, SambaPOS has been operating flawlessly in every other aspect.

As we’ve discussed with @Jesse before I strongly started to believe current structure of WPR really hides most SambaPOS features. In fact we didn’t changed it until V2 but there are lots of new changes for V4.

In some cases I forget some existing SambaPOS features and instead of directing users to the right direction I simply just fulfill the request to create a quick solution. That kind of solutions of course not convenient as we reimplement already existing functions.

Now I’m thinking if I should implement an action to change users or not. If I do that I’ll create something against my intention to create users.

SambaPOS user system is just a login system to track user actions. We want to know which users created tickets, added orders, added discounts, updated states or settled payments. However waiter is something different. For most businesses we can pretend waiters as users but if you have use cases like @na1978 explained and if it should work like tables work we should create a new entity type for Waiters. We can simply create a rule to automatically select waiters to ticket by user pins and we can do anything we can do with tables.

But what will happen to user related WPR sections? This is what I’m trying to find a solution for. I can simply implement change user action and forget everything. But this is not how SambaPOS should work. We should keep it simple and we should have less features. Let me think about it for a while.

@emre and others,

Any thoughts on Change Server options? How do you handle changing servers in your restaurant?

From my prior experience(way back) as a server, I know this is option is used just as much as moving a table.

Best Regards,

In my case, and I had a restaurant for only 3 yeras now… we pay 10% comision to all our waiters, but, after a long tought and a lot of failures we do pay to all the exact same amount and they do NOT have predeterminded tables. So all do wait all tables and they do help each other, for example carrying dishes, putting togher tables, cleaning tables… and if one does not follow the rest I try to talk to him, and if that is not enough, well, we do like team players.

So bottom line, in our case, I just tag the ticket with the waiter as I only use it as a simple stat, at the moment that I pay salary (comision) all get the the same (10% / qty_waiters).


I personally would keep waiters separate from users…and just use an entity screen to assign a waiter to a ticket via command button and a tag or something along those lines…

Custom reports should be able to pull tagged orders and pull sales for that tag…

This keeps the basics of Samba the same and does not affect WPR for basic operating samba. I think Custom reports… should be exactly what it is… an optional more advanced tool for those of us that want to expand Samba to a more advanced form.

I also agree that the base of samba should stay as simple as possible… and the less custom stuff integrated in the better. At its heart Samba should stay simple… yet flexible enough for advanced users to mold it how they need.

A more detailed approach: Similar to how many restraunts assign waiters to tables on the fly… just create a custom Tables screen with Waiter Names as command buttons… select Waiter name and then Table and it assigns a tag to ticket when opened for that table with waiters name… can simply just use an untag operation and retag a different waiter. Use custom reports to separate sales based on the Tag.

Sorry for long winded post… I am just opening up possibility that it may already be available to create your own button

@emre you sticking to your guns with simplicity of Samba will pay off… You have told me the same thing and Ive seen you tell @gerlandog something similar and it only made us dig deeper and figure out a solution without having to alter SambaPOS simplicity vision. It may have made our system more complex but we knew that.

@emre and @Jesse

I believe in simplicity as well, but SambaPOS is geared toward restaurants and changing a user is basic task any restaurant POS.

How about having Change Table plugin in SambaPOS Market.

References to waiter, host, server should be the same as User in SambaPOS

I disagree.

I disagree with this as well. Most POS systems are already logged in via a user… they use a different method to assign waiters to tickets. Which is what I was trying to explain. The capability of assigning waiters to tickets is already there… I just needs to be designed… I can think of several methods to achieve it… I am not going to build it because I do not need it…

A module would work and fit with the design that is something different entirely and probably a good idea honestly.

@emre @kendash

A SambaPOS Market module is good option if you guys think SambaPOS should be kept simple.

Would Change Table and Select Customer fall in the same realm as Change User? Just curious?

I am making recommendations based on need and my experience working in restaurant industry.

I would do a disservice to SambaPOS community if I know something would benefit everyone and I sit silent.

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I am not really saying it should be kept simple per say. My Samba is far from simple. I am saying I believe it should be inherently simple base to start from. And it should be kept in such a state that non programmers can configure it. It may not be easy but with a little research and some active forum conversations just about any user can configure even advanced features into Samba.

To sum that up, it should be based on simple but open foundations and simple mechanisms for function work. If you try to incorporate too much complexity then it loses the flexibility as well. You would also lose the ability for average business owners to benefit from it because they would not be able to configure it.

All that said… your request is really not something I would say is too complex… but I can see @emre point in being cautious.