Table transfer between waiters

I’m trying to figure out how to transfer a table to a different waiter. I run a pub and quite often at 5pm when the day staff leave and the night staff start there are numerous open tables. Is there a way to transfer without ending and starting a new work period?

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The login is not designed like that. What you should probably do is use ticket tags to assign waiters to tickets. Users were not designed to assign waiters to tickets. (Some people attempt to use it this way) but that is not the intention of the Log in users. This was discussed in a previous post let me find the link. It is still being discussed if it should be implemented. But for time being you can use ticket tags/rules or other methods to assign waiters.


I don’t think @emre has stated he will develop this feature. He is thinking if he should develop it.

I am a strong believer that SambaPOS should have this capability built-in.

We use workarounds to resolve this issue, but it is a really nice feature to have.


Workaround 1:

Void all items on that table and start a new table with new user

Workaround 2:

Have a manager open the table anytime the new user needs access.

You are right. I will correct what I said because I meant to say exactly what you said. I should probably stop responding in forums late at night haha.

EDIT: Bad wording is fixed thank you @na1978

Why don’t you create a new entity type for watiers?

Maybe if enough people want this we could add it to Documentation as a specific use case for Entity Type. If I get time today I may look at options to see what I can come up with for assigning Waiters to Tickets. It may not be as easy to setup as just assigning a waiter user type but I can not see why it is not possible to make this work as described using Entity Types, Rules, Actions, and User Roles. We have access to read {CURRENT USER} in rules.

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I’m thinking users as the operators and the waiter as something assigned to ticket like tables or customers. For most cases we may assume waiters are also operators as they add orders to tickets but the need for changing it clearly reveals the need for configuring them as entities. I’m not thinking just this case. I think we’ll receive more requests while trying to optimize more cases for waiters.

On the other hand we’ll also deal with actions & rules to change users.

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“Why don’t you create a new entity type for watiers?” – I wish. I don’t have a clue where to start. :slight_smile: . I am not that advanced yet.

I still have hard time with operators or waiters concept.

To me, SambaPOS Waiters, Cashiers, Hosts, Bartenders, or anyone else is still a User. I control Users based on roles they have.

Server Role
*Can enter orders
*Can not apply discounts
*Can not cash tables since we have a cashier

Cashier Role
*Can enter orders
*Can cash tables

Your view is correct for the intentions of Users… your view on waiters is what @emre is trying to show you. Waiters are a little different however. You could make a Waiter User Role and a Waiter User… EVERY waiter would log in with this … but using entities is how they would assign them self to the ticket.

There is a need to track Waiter Name to tickets… but there is not a real need to Track a Waiter User to ticket. You should track Cashiers Users when operating the register because that provides accountability.

This will allow you to still assign a waiter to a ticket so you know who took care of Table A or Table B and you know who to transfer a Ticket to if it moves to a table a different waiter is handeling… It would also allow the waiter to give the ticket to someone else to actually settle the ticket if they are busy all while keeping their name assigned as the Tickets Waiter.

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@Jesse Maybe we can even implement our poor man’s time clock by using Entity States :slight_smile:

That is a good idea!


Great idea! Time Clock should be very simple with IN/OUT time stamp and IN/OUT status.

We can use Custom Reports for detailed reports of hours worked.

I agree, However my use of TimeTrex is not just for the TimeClock. I will be using it for my total payroll. It will be keeping track of hours, taxes, time off requests, Pay Stubs, Direct Deposit, W2’s, So I intentionally do not want my TimeClock to just be simple :stuck_out_tongue: I do not just report hours I actually calculate it all myself using TimeTrex.

Great idea for most users however!

My tutorial explains how to integrate just the TimeClock function of it, but its actually way more than just a TimeClock and it has saved me a TON of money that I used to pay an accounting firm to do for me simply because I did not have the time to do it myself not because I didn’t know how. I realize not everyone would want to do this because they are not confident in accounting. I have done finance for a very long time and I am used to dealing with VERY large extremely complex budgets being a Store Manager for Walmart so its second nature to me.

I intentionally did not go into explaining TimeTrex for some obvious reasons it is a VERY capable Enterprise ready complete payroll system… not just a TimeClock. Most people were interested in TimeClocks so I did a tutorial just to show it is possible to do integrations with third party software.

Yes it does not provide all benefits we can receive from TimeTrex. Especially gov stuff is something hard to deal with and I’m very happy with our TimeTrex integration. Creating a module for easier integration is also in my to do list.

However being able to track work hours is just one thing I’ve thought. It might be useful for some people but the real interesting thing is also we can track occupied hours for specific tables or maybe customers visit duration, deliverers servicing durations. They are all entities.

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That sounds very useful!

Yes the question I need to answer is how much x entity stayed in y state at specified time period.

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I’m just adding it to keep in records. We can even predict X customer’s visit probability and send them an SMS to offer a special promotion.

Take a look at this


Wow that is amazing. The last example you gave with the marketing really made my jaw drop just thinking about it. That’s something typically restricted to just big business with custom systems. The fact that it could be integrated into SambaPOS is amazing.

@Jesse I have to say the real amazing thing is the open source community. We can access any info through ready to use libs crafted by amazing people. I wish I could keep SambaPOS open source…

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You may not be able to keep it open source… but its very close to it. And it behaves similar which is amazing as well.

I agree open source is awesome. I always support it whenever I can.

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