Change ticket entity action

I think I know the answer but has anyone ever changed ticket entity from payment screen before? I’m fairly sure you can’t but if that’s the case @VehbiEmiroglu what’s the chance we could get that capability?

I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind. I’m able to change Gift Card entity via the payment screen.

I’m swiping a card with a known number… It’s not searching/finding based on a limited character search.

Ok so it is possible. Specifically I am trying to use a payment processor to do it.

OK I got it to work but not how I want it too. I am trying to program in a true gift card system using a payment type. Everything works except the fact that in order to enable the payment button in the payment screen I have to set an account to the payment type when you do that it will no longer pick the account associated with the assigned Entity.

I wish there was a way to override that and tell it to put the funds in the correct account.

how are you planning to work accounts?

I’ve almost got it worked out I’ll share soon

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Is your problem solved? Or you want something from me?

I solved it, went a different direction and its working fine. I will share soon. I am building a re loadable plastic mag stripe gift card system.

You can load entity from the order screen using Numpad [:SearchValue]. Follow that up with Pay Ticket using the Payment type and voila.

No I need to explain better. I don’t want to load the entity before payment. I want it done when I select gift card payment then swipe card. I got it working I’ll share it soon.

So you pay with gift card the same way you do with credit card basically.

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I am quite curious to what you did.

I’m curious also. Will you also be showing how you can re-load the Gift Card? I managed to figure out a way. We are in the process of implementing it in the next couple weeks. Curious to see how you did it.

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I will share it tonight. Been working at my food truck and doing smoked briskets for thee Easter holiday coming up.

Working out a couple quirks then ill post what I did.

Ok I think I am ready to show this off. I worked out my issue. I will upload a video but basically here is how it works.

Customer comes in and wants to buy $25 gift card. You grab a plastic mag stripe gift card press 25 then New Gift Card product to add it to ticket. You go to Settle and pay for it with cash or card. It asks you to swipe card to activate it. You hand it to customer… done

Customer decides to buy some fries he wants to pay with gift card. You ring up fries go to settle and type the amount to pay then press Gift Card it will settle it to that specific card if it doesnt have enough balance it will stop the payment and say You do not have enough balance and go back to Payment screen to try a different payment method.

There is no loading entities before payment blah blah… literally customer just gives you card to pay for product. Its a much better method for handeling them.

Customer can reload the card by coming in handing it to cashier and they type amount to load press Gift Card Reload product add it to ticket. Then you go to pay and pay with cash or credit… it asks to swipe card… bam done.

Videos coming up.

Video is still uploading once it is done you can view it. PS Sorry for the aweful glare and my reflection of me in my white t-shirt. I worked a long lunch at my food truck today and so I am relaxing on my dev machine. My daughter filmed it and started to look away near end lol.

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I have a DB Tools file I will share let me make sure everything is in it.

Interesting, I have used JTR 's loyalty system to do something similar, I just create a separate entity similar to loyalty flow except it can be pre loaded with points and does not earn points when used.
Your way is more efficient than mine as you use mag cards pre set with a unique Id, where as I write the entity data id to the cards when I set them up.

With mine it really doesnt matter whats written on them. It just uses that as the Entity Name. So you can essentially use any you want. As long as they are encoded with unique identifiers.