Changing from white to black, from v4 to v5?

How can I change from White theme to Black one?
And v5 is not yet released no?

Black theme is only on V5, we’re still testing and new features are being added all the time to test

No release date yet but it will be worth the wait :slight_smile:

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Hopefully, because some features such as the order modifiers should be added.

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Right now the list of new features for v5 is held in a beta forum category post and that list is now 18 pages long.

Which feature are you referring too?

What is order modifiers feature?

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The feature of “Extra Bacon” when you click on an order or “No Bacon” a simple feature to send a note of each order, for example I don’t have to write a note “NO Bacon” I’ll just use the modifier and it will write it

This is available now with Order Tags. You need to be more specific if Order Tags is not meeting your needs with this.

Did you see this tutorial?

Oh… lol I’ll def use this… cheers!

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Where is the beta forum category post ?

Is it possible to share the link ?

There are definitely some cool new options in v5 and it will allow some more advanced setups for sure however we should be able to accomplish most setups with v4 and if you find yourself struggling to implement something don’t hesitate to ask for help just provide clear examples and explanation of your work flow so we can understand it.