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I was wondering if it’s possible to display how much of a specific product is on a table on the button caption.
exemple: shows below table number: 3 cokes.
i just need one product to be show


anything can be shown just figure out how to use custom reports. Go to reports section in settings and make the report there to test and see the outputs as you try different things. Then once you find the report string giving you the data you need you can follow this tutorial and use it to display the info for that entity.


Youll need to use report expression with a few constraints including one for ticket state = unpaid and ticket entity = $1 ($1 being the placeholder for that entity on the entity state formatting).
Most likly your report expression will be report order details id say.


Hi Emre,
is tried this is that rigth?


What are you doing would be helpful.
I don’t think that will work, your reporting ticket details of ticket user where TU (Ticket User) = $1.
If your using that in entity state formats to change the display format on entity grid the $1 is going to be entity not the user.
Guessing your wanting to show ticket user for the ticket on that entity?
In which case it it would need something like TEN=$1 or TEN.Tables=$1 (Ticket Entity Name)
Bare in mind what will happen if you have multiple tickets created by different users, it will return a list of the user for each ticket.


İ dont understand. How can i added current user to here


This is the one I use and it works well.

  • User
  • Customer
  • Time last order added

Settings>States>New Orders

<bold>$1</bold><br/>{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.User:(TEN.Tables=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-}{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:'<br/>'+[EN.Customer]:(TEN.Tables=$1) and (TCET=Customer) and T.RemainingAmount>0 }{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:'<br/>Notes '+[T.Note]:(TEN.Customers={ENTITY NAME}) OR (TEN.Tabs={ENTITY NAME}) OR (TEN.Pagers={ENTITY NAME}) and T.RemainingAmount>0 and Ticket.Note != null}<br/> {ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status} min.


{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.User:(TEN.Tables=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-}

İ use this. İt is work. But there is a problem. When my restaurant is full. Sambapos is very very slow. İ think ‘RemainingAmount>0:-’ code is making my sambapos slowly. İs there any basic code for this. İ have to use ‘user’.

İ erase RemainingAmount>0:- code but this time, it is writing all order’s users on the table. This mean, sambapos remmember last paid account


Yes, look at the report expression, TICKET DETAILS for USER where TABLE=$1 and Remaing>0
Without remaining total >0 it will see all tickets for that period on that table…
Thats what the remaining total>0 is doing, only unpaid/open tickets.
You could try setting a custom state or specifying a state of unpaid or bill requested but likely have a similar load time as looking through all tickets.
Also depeninding on how many tables these entity state formats can get slow as having to loop through all tickets and all tables.


Using state display has been warned by Emre since it will slow down computer a lot. Especially doing a lot of query tags and lot of entities.

Can’t you just use ticket tag? Tag {:CURRENTUSER}
In state display use {TICKET TAG:XXX}


Can you explain this?


You would still need to search tickets by entity and balance…
You could speed up by applying similar tactic to a custom entity state.
You would need rules to set and clear at the events respected, probably following the entity status update events.


i cant show default note on captions i use this format

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Note:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.Note>0}


T.Note>0 is not going to be valid.
Note will be a string and not work in any form of math function line ‘larger than’.
Why have that a tall? Surely it no note it would not show anything anyway.


Thank you I removed it, but wont work either :slight_smile:


Hey Laura try using this clause instead:

Regards Paul