Changing Table Button Captions


Wow @kendash hahaha.


İ will try it. Thank you. But 60 sec. İs not neccessery. İ dont want a slow pos screen.


Good try! I see it though. Lol looks nice.

Edit wait are you talking about the line break parsing issue


it is done. thank you for your help.


have a strange problem my diplay format rule works fine on one terminal but doesnt on the other any ideas of why that is? :confounded:


Do you have that enabled on the other terminal?


yes, i double checked everything if i didnt miss something and it seems all okay but in practice it doesnt work


What does it look like?


this is the one that doenst display it correctly

this is how it should look like


damn posted the same screenshot twice :sweat_smile:

this is the correct one and how it should look like


nevermind today it suddenly was fixed on both screens(think system needed a restart for the changes to take effect)


if i want the default ticket note to be displayed on the table, how do i do that??


Can you explain what you mean by default ticket note? There is no such feature as default ticket note. Is this something you created custom? If so you would need to explain that and show us screenshots of how you did it. However T.Note is the field to show Ticket Notes typically.


yes, it’s the ticket note. i want that to show on the table


Yes but you can have multiple ticket notes, there is not default ticket note, you set a note name/type when adding on to a ticket. And you will need that name/type when using on printing etc.


You see the “test” at the bottom? that is the ticket note.
i want that to be displayed on the table when a user logs in.


I doubt that it will work, but you could try the {NOTE} tag for that.

The reason I don’t think it will work is because Note is a Ticket-level indicator, and Tables are Entities. What happens when you have more than 1 Ticket assigned to the same Table? Which Ticket Note is it supposed to display on the Entity button?



Hi All,

How to remove $ symbol from Table Button Captions and replace it with Local Currency

I’m using the latest Version 5.1.62

this is my code :

<bold>${REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:{0}}</bold>
<color red>{ENTITY STATE MINUTES:Status} min </color>


Where you have the dollar sign right after the bold tag on the second line, delete that and change for your currency symbol