Clearification for RDP and Patch Info & Suggestion Needed

i recently discovered from tutorial that windows patch is more of hacking and is against license.

i have installed win 7 pro with the patch for one of my client using 2xclient on 3 tablets.

now the issue is i cant replace win 7 pro with server for them as i will be at loss and it had been installed for more than 7 months.

Pauln suggested to use other alternatives for RDP connections:

can i get some more information on this connection. like will i be able to use for one system only and will this be legal. will i still need 2xclient ?

or are there any other suggestions


HI @madiha
What is the configuration of the tablets? Full Windows or something else?

samsung android tablets

Yes your stuck a bit there, of course if you had full windows tablets you would not need any additional licenses as you can install SambaPOS on the tablets.

I rechecked my link out:
I must admit when I came up against this a few years back I used the software above and it worked fine for full POSIFLEX stations (all the fruit, MSR’s, Draws, Printers). I have not used it lately as my preferred method is to use a full Windows Tablet.

Looking at the site above its about $299 US to get 5 licenses to turn a Win 7 pro machine into a RDP Server?. Or Individual licenses at $99.

I reckon you should also google to see what else is out there or hear from the rest of the forum. Your tablet configuration is your restriction.
Cheers Paul.

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It is a hack and you have to seriously compromise the integrity of your system to keep it working by disabling updates. It does violate their license yes.

You have a few options. You can replace android tablets with inexpensive windows 8.1 or 10 tablets and run it natively without RDP.

You can go the more expensive route and get proper licensing through Microsoft.

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didnt know earlier regarding the patch else would have used windows based tablets anyways thanks

The android tablets shouldn’t be too hard to sell and that might recover some of the loss of you replace with windows tablets.

the thing is i setup the system for one of my customer…so i will be stuck with some restrictions also

Well the transition to windows tablets is easy. You literally just install Sambapos and put your SQL server connect string in. That’s it. But you should be fine if you disable windows update. I would tell them the risks though.

It means you can no longer get critical updates for the OS.

PS: I hope you both realize I was referring to the BeTwin product - I never have used the “hack” … :smile:

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if i just unpatch the windows patch wont that be enough

yes pauln we understood

If you unpatch it then the tablets stop working. The way it was designed by Microsoft is if you RDP to your home computer it logs that computer out and you can only use the single machine. It was meant as a way to use your computer from remote location but not as a server for multiple logins.

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oh you mean…for sticking to the patch

if i just stick to it will any person be able to know who whether i am using patch or not…like an audit team or so

If you stick with the patch you must disable windows update and you should know that you can no longer get critical updates from Microsoft. Critical updates typically involve serious system compromise risks.

You would be in violation of license. I don’t know if they audit for that or not.

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ok thanks will try to resolve asap