Closed ticket must be voided, with refund and void without refund

Per the below post, “there are multiple ways of making a refund”; and my question is what it involves making a refund?

What would you have sambapos do with the ticket that needs to be voided. and After that change how will it display.

Special situation: what if a customer ordered and you processed as credit card payment, but then his cc got declined… The ticket must be cancelled without refund. How to achieve this?.


Aug '15

There are multiple ways of making refunds. One of them explained here but you can find more if you search forum.

Refund Item button V4 Tutorial

This setup is originally based on the Tutorial by @emre, here: How to Create a Refund Item Button? However, as discussed in that thread, I wished for an alternate method so that Accounts would reflect the correct Balances. Operational Flow: [image] First, you will need to implement this setup, to be able to Re-open a previously-Settled Ticket: Re-open Settled Ticket & Cancel Payments Once you have the above implemented, the …

My setup for refund is simple.
Update qty to x -1
You shouldn’t void a past ticket as it’s already happened. Refund should be a new transaction.
I find qty x-1 is simple and works well for me.
Have a wastage setup so if it’s not returned it would be refunded then rang in as wastage.

Would the refund transaction reference the older one?

Not on my setup but anything possible.
If you open an old ticket and void it’s not a refund. You changing original ticket and if past day will not report correctly. That’s not the way to do it in any case.

There’s a few ways it can be done, in my setup I created a whole new refund flow with separate refund accounting that also puts items back into stock if necessary and increases inventory. It also adds a return reason to each item so you can report on returned items if needed

This is quite simple, you don’t process the payment on samba until you processed the card payment and it has been authorised

I use a separate card reader so when I press the card payment button I have a pop up that asks if the transaction was authorised. Then I process the card payment on my card reader and once completed either press authorised or declined on my pop up in samba to make the payment or not

If it declines I then just cancel the whole ticket in samba, as nothing has been submitted the ticket doesn’t yet exist so no issues with having to reopen it and void it all etc

Or even if submitted you then void rather than refund.
Refund is a transaction. If card is declined your not refunding their money your not taking it so you could cancel, void or other if required.
If already prepared that’s then where wastage setup might come in.

Thanks for the good suggestions.

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This sounds good, What would be the process to void a ticket that has been already closed?

You shouldn’t really. A ticket that’s been paid and marked close cant be edited normally.
There is a was to reopen closed tickets but it’s not limited to just today and doing past days will mess up your reports…