Configuring Gift & Void Reasons

That was discussed multiple times but as I couldn’t find a tutorial about it I’ve decided to prepare a short tutorial about it.

Configuring Reasons

Edit Settings > Automation > Automation Commands > Gift

Fill Values section with reasons.

After saving it create a new ticket and gift one of them. You should see reasons listed right section.

Select one of them.

Reports will display with reasons.

You can also implement void reasons by editing Void command and adding related Values.


Dear @emre, I cant make the reasons appear…

after selection

The same with VOID…

Here is the command:



EDIT: You have to press gift. or configure them to apply as order states and set it to run in a rule.

Just press GIFT or VOID…



Be sure Gift Rule refers to [:CommandValue]

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These are two rules I had never touched…

and now it works!!!



Yeah “not touched” lol. Tell us the truth…

OK just kidding. That may happen for some people who migrated from old V3 versions.

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trust me… they worked from day 1… they had value instead of commandvalue.

i think the first version I installed was 13 or 14… dont remember exactly…



EDIT version 4.1.11

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Boy I am off on my thinking today… I think I will slow down on responding and just work on my own for a while haha.

not off thinking. Your point of view changed and believe me it inspires me a lot about improving SambaPOS UX features.

Can this same example be used for price change button? i have added reasons to my button, they appear on screen, i select one and the keypad appears to enter new price but the reason isnt added to the order

It seems this question remained unanswered. Or did I miss it as it appears under a diffrent string?

Good lord you revive 10 month old thread with multiple questions and answers in it just to ask a question without asking the question?

Please make a new thread use question category and ask your question in detail. List your things you need help with. Let’s try not to revive really old post especially with vague questions forcing us to look through the really old post trying to guess what you mean.


OK, well understood. Will do. Thanks