Confused on how to setup a simple to go

I have read the forums and KB and I am confused. Not really finding how to implement what I want.

Currently this is how my setup is working. May not be correct but this is how it is.

Login to pos
Click POS
There are Two entity pages, BAR ROOM and BRICK ROOM with table layouts.
Click a table to start and order into the system.

What I need is a way to take phone call orders TO GO.
Enter a Name and Phone number and start an order.
It will be labeled as TO GO on the ticket.

Many ways to achive.
You could;
Just add a to go table one first screen.
Have a 3rd screen with customer entity search.
Could just use ticket tags like my ‘customer temp tab’ tutorial.
Plenty of options.

Thanks. I followed this video yours. It took me some time to follow it, and you were thinking your way through it while recording so I got lost a few times but I think this is a good way to do it and I dont have to enter customers. Not sure the phone number is even important, but it would be easy to just type a name followed by a phone number.

I have the button only showing up for the To Go Orders department. Works pretty good so far.

No To Go Orders button (temp tabs) on the ticket screen for tables in the Dine In department

Button available for To Go Orders (mapping)