Constraint For Merge TICKETS

i recently discovered that if we merge two different tickets it manages to combine the amount but not the people. And it prompts for the number of person also. As i have set to prompt for number of people on ticket created rule.

So what constraint should i put when i merge table and how to combine the two tickets people also

When you merge tickets its really creating one new ticket with orders from the previous 2 tickets. So if you have yolur rule set with Ticket Created then that explains why its popping up. Instead find a different event to use and then pass the Ticket Tag into the new ticket after merge.

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ok but how to combine the two tickets people tag

Store the value as program setting and transfer that after Tickets Merged event.

one more thing by default samba allow us to megr tickets from same table. what if we want to merge tables.

we should have a button merge table
and include action: move and merge —> correct

you just choose change table… and add it to table you want and then merge the tickets

but this is in 2 steps if want to do in 1 step

So what if you wanted to add it to a table but not merge? If you combine it into 1 it would always merge…

for this we have default move change table button

i was thinking to add one more button for merge tabe

Technically no such thing as merge table… your just changing a table and merging tickets.

@madiha are you a restaurant owner or a technical guy?

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it makes sense to me that’s what i thought also but this is what i want to achieve merge tables send a notification in ktichen:
for eg:
-1 Veg Meal
Merge to table 2

Table:1 People:2

then another print in kitchen:

1 Veg Meal
Merge from Table

Table:2 [2]

@emre i am not a restaurant owner but do help to setup POS for restaurant owners

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If you really want to automate this in that detail you should setup a kitchen screen and mark orders as preparing & served.

When you know which orders are still preparing in kitchen you can notify kitchen for table changes (not only for merge). You’ll only notify orders that has preparing state.

Ticket merging function is useful at payment stage. While customers sitting on table you shouldn’t merge tables as people may want to pay their own tickets. If all tickets gets paid at once you can merge tickets.

hmm got your point

by the away now that you have asked i am not a guy

i have created a action to store people ticket tag

this action should be called when we press merge tickets,
but there is no merge ticket automation command as it is built in
so in which event should i call the action

It can be stored same time you enter it.

as @emre stated merging is useful for payment only so i was thinking that whats the point of adding two tickets people. This will in return effect the total number of people in reports.

so i thought of just adding another ticket tag similar to people. i approached this way but its not working.

this is the result

Oh OK. I should have thought that.

For next version I’ve implemented a new feature to sum numeric ticket tags in merged ticket. I hope that will help.


any idea y the ticket tag is not showing the stored value