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Is there a way to have a default menu category with V5 or is it still not possible?.. If not would like to make this a request… It would allow for quicker navigation if it always stars on the same menu category. I could even just be the first Menu category as long as every new ticket created or even everytime you opened a current ticket it goes to that category by default.


Im sure we can ‘switch’ menu mid ticket which is what @RickH used for his all menu retail setup. Have you tried setting the menu on a ticket created rule?
Just a thought that maybe switching menu (even though same menu) might ‘reset’ to first category like if you restart samba…
Have not tried myself…


Yes I use the switch menu method to change menus based on the daily special. I have basically 6 menus with different specials for each day. It works really well… but it always opens the menu based on the last category selected.


Hmmm ok, so think you might be out of luck for now… there is nothing in the database relating that I can see but didn’t expect there to be as pretty sure the ‘remembering category’ is per terminal so will be either a local program setting or more likely cache… although, how about reset cache action… not sure what effect on performance it would have though…

Nope, doesnt seem to help…


I agree it would be good to have a way to set which category is displayed first (default category). The remember category that currently exists is not always ideal - imagine a typical scenario is someone might enter the starter, main, desserts in that order. So open a new ticket, you are on desserts and have one extra click to get to starter. I myself do find the remembering of last category annoying, especially when doing any training.


Agree, second that…


I take it this was never resolved or an update made to select a default category? Amd still no work around?


Just checking to see if anything ever happened with this request to set default Menu Category. Thanks


It now defaults to the first category, I don’t think you can set a different one so make the one you want to default to the first (top) category