Create Delivery and Dine In Buttons

I have followed this Tutorial for setup Delivery.
I have setup two Ticket Type :-
Table Ticket
Delivery Ticket

I have created two Automation Command Which Display on Ticket Screen :-
Set Delivery :- it should remove table entity and mark ticket type as Delivery Ticket and Open Deliverer Screen to select deliverer.
Set Table :- it should remove delivery entity (or existing entity) and mark ticket type as Table Ticket and Open Table Screen for table selection

Its like switching Ticket Type and Entity.

I don’t know how to create rule for it.

Can someone guide me?

so far this rule are working but the problem is below :-

When i click on Dine In, Delivery is also there its not getting removed.
When i click on Delivery, Table Number still show there its not getting removed.

I wanted to configure below as well but not sure how to :-

  1. When Click on Dine In then it should open table screen and select the table number from there.
  2. When Click on Delivery then it should open Deliverer screen and select the deliverer.

Can someone please help me here, because i am trying Samba POS for first time?

If you really follow the tutorial, you will have All tables screen that has tables that you can click and Ticket type for that should be “Ticket”.
And you will have Delivery Screen which is has delivery ticket IIRC it use “Delivery Ticket” Type.

Each screen has their own default Ticket Type.

Hi Sukasem,

that’s good idea to have a short cut button for takeout and delivery, i want to know does your button map to a screen to input customer name/ address phone number (delivery $ charge)


Customer Search for call in delivery/takeout. You can set to Ask for Ticket Type (see picture above) there. Why make unnecessary buttons.
Dine In and Walkin take out use All Tables Screen.