Creating To Go Prices

I have created lunch and dinner prices based on triggers and it works great. I now need to add a third price which is for To Go food. To create a To Go ticket, users go to a To Go Entity Screen to create a To Go ticket.

Can this be accomplished without using departments?

I also use Ticket Tags to tags a ticket for To Go. Is possible to change the price when tickets are tagged with To Go.

Thank you in advance and please let me know if something is not clear.

How are you using the triggers? You have two price lists and trigger sets the price list?

How does to go price fit in with the lunch/dinner price lists?

Thanks for a quick response JTRTech.

I have lunch prices from 8AM-3PM and dinner prices from 3PM to 11PM. I now need to have a third price which is the same all day but it is different from lunch and dinner prices.

Lunch and Dinner prices where implemented using tutorial below.

Have a look at this …

Thanks QMcKay.

Each of my products has three prices. Lunch, Dinner and To Go.


Soup -->Lunch $3.00
Soup–>Dinner $5.00
Soup–>To Go $4.00

Is it possible to change the price to To Go price when I apply To Go Ticket Tag.

Can you give a quick example.

Thanks again.

Probably a better way but how about adding select all orders and update order price list actions in the rule which sets the ticket tag?

The Tutorial shows how to apply an additional charge on a per-product basis. It could be used to apply a discount instead, or it could be modified to use a set price (not an upcharge or discount.) It watches for the Ticket Tag change, updates the Order State, then applies an Order Tag which reads a Custom Product Tag value that contains the upcharge/discount. The Product Tag could contain a set price for that Product instead. This is just one method. It just means you would store upcharge, discount, or fixed price in a Product Tag

You could also create your Products to have Portions such as Lunch, Dinner, ToGo, and set the prices for each Product/Portion accordingly. Even this could be made to watch for the Ticket Tag, an use an Update Order action to change the Portion.

Then there is Price Lists. Watch for the Ticket Tagged event, and fire a Change Price List Action.

This is what makes SambaPOS so great. There is more than 1 way to create a solution that works best for your needs.

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I think JTRTech already tell you how to update price. I think just add these actions to you ToGo button. Action Select Orders (Select All) and Update Order (Price Tag)required.

Sounds like triggers are being used based on the add, changes to Togo price but stays Togo!


You are correct. I am using triggers. I am able to change it to TO GO prices, but I can not set prices back to Lunch or Dinner prices depending on the time of the day.

Triggers only fire the once, they will not keep foreign if whatever they are doing gets changed.
I would reconmend having the lunch/dinner price list set on ticket created or order added event with time based constraints.
Ticket created would be preferable I expect depending on what other features you have setup.
If it was order added an aboriginal constraint of ticket tag isnot Togo would be wanted to not override the ticket tag implemented price list.

I’ll suggest this tutorial for all people who wants to understand how to implement rules. It’s a little bit long because I’ve tried to show all implementation steps.


Excellent implementation. Thank you very much. @emre.