Current Department and Price List

Something that has bugged me for a while is has anyone worked out a shortcut to find what the current {DEPARTMENT} currently being used outside of a Ticket?

Like can you trap current MENU as this is the only thing that changes when you press the Department TAB at the bottom of the screen.

Also do we have a Setting for Current Price Definition in Use?

Thanks Paul.

Have you tried;

Sheez - that work in automation!? :sob: Reading way too many threads… Give it a try - oh don’t feel so inadequate now, no that did not work.

Did {:DEPARTMENT} not work?

Department comes back as undefined, the issue is outside of ticket… but is department even set outside of ticket???

No running an Execute Automation Command. Just before I call UPDATE ORDER ACTION I am check a few things with Message Box.

Unless I have an Order on the Actual Ticket no Ticket Values come up - I just assume that is normal?

Read my modified post I forgot the colon.

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No Dice. Most Ticket Values do not come up?

Umm it works for me. You tried {:DEPARTMENT}? I bolded it maybe you can see colon better.

PS that is not a ticket value its a local setting.

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Oh this is freaking me OUT! What the…

I just tested it from nav screen even.

You sure you spelled it right? lol

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Sorry JTRTech and Kendash - I have been hacking change Price List to death and now I logged in/out/shutdown it all working fine! Was just about to throw the towel in…