Way to determine Current Price Definition being used

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I need to gain access to this setting:

The concern I have is I wish to use it as a constraint for Adding Orders. That infers if I use the {REPORT SQL} Tag in a constraint and hit the Table every time I need to Add/Edit an Order will this become a issue?

It would be nice to have a {:SETTINGVALUE} @emre?
My goal is to ensure once a Price Definition for a Department is in Use - then DO NOT allow prices to be changed vi Happy Hour or other means unless coded by design.

ACTION to be effected is UPDATE ORDER.

I could set up a workflow using {SETTING:x} - must LOG OUT on Price List Change - do not refresh cache (to retain setting) but workflows typically are born with "holes’ and I am sure a user will find them…

Well it is the best I can do for now :smiley:

Can I claim to be the first to use a {REPORT SQL DETAILS:x} Tag as a Master constraint… haha

We have {PRICE TAG} is that not good?

No, and I did try it with a colon! lol Do you need to be in a Order for that value to be available?

Yes, I’m not really understanding why your doing that. I get what your doing but why?

You could just simply constrain it to unpaid ticket state. Preventing change until ticket is paid.

Ok - If a venue for the day decided to hold a Function i.e Wedding then the Terminals will be switched to Price Definition = Function.

Therefore I do not wnt any other Price Levels available. It works using the constraint above and it is quite efficient using it as a Custom Constraint.

So constrain it so it can’t work on unpaid tickets.

You’ll have {:DEPARTMENTPRICETAG} on next update.