Custom Package Delivery for V5

Thank you thousand times, thumbs up!, i am now really happy with my Sambapos Setup :grinning:.
This is what i like about sambapos community, no hidden knowledge, care to share, and friendly supports.
Happy Jum’ah Mubarak to you emre!.

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Thank you @Prodigy .
Happy Mübarek Cuma to you too.

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any chance to change button’s name ?

Change the Entity Name for the Entity Type settings and the button will change to whatever you name it.

Just be sure if you set any rule constraints based off that to change the name there too. It is a good practice when writing Rule Constraints against Entity Types to use the Name instead of Entity Name for example {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Blah} instead of {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Blah}

By doing that if you ever change the Entity Name setting it wont mess with rules constraints.


why is my google map doesnt seem that good :confused: is there a solution to view google map in new version as on tutorial thank you

I believe this is because of your screen resolution, Google Maps is being displayed in mobile / tablet mode. This is automatic. I noticed similar when testing on my office PC (which uses 1920x1080 resolution) it shows like tutorial, but on POS system (which is 1024x768 resolution) it displays slightly differently, can’t remember exactly but a bit like yours I think.

You can search Google on how to force desktop version of maps, there is probably a way to add a parameter to the URL used to open the map.

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Nice is working with sample data lets see how its does with my data. just having three days testing this pos and its amazing!!!

Well i dont know , i have changed google map to yandex map especially some of countries yandex map better than google map

this is how i did first time working with samba… how can i change the white colour to black ty

Restart Sambapos after changing theme color.

Management > Settings > Configuration Tasks > Switch Theme

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ty its comes black now …

In future use the method Emre suggested for changing theme.

I suggest not to use pure black color on your screen designs. I mean customers and deliverers labels. Setting no background color will use theme’s background color. You can also try tool to find colors these appears fine when used together.

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Salam Brother
Actually I followed the tutorial about 10 times but i still get nothing when i choose ticket the select a Deliverer . feeling exhausted . maybe it would be a great idea if you uploaded a Zip File package :slight_smile:

I am actually using that configuration, and works great…
I did some modifications to suit my needs…

will upload a zip file but consider using it in a differente computer, not in production… (3.6 KB)

Please keep in mind that I may have forgotten something, and that I use to rename action and rules to my own language and benefit…

but I will try to help you out.


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Thanks Bro , I will see how I can use your package , but i have one only problem which is nothing Happen when I select Deliverer . I tried to upload Zip File but I am new here :confused:

Most every setup is Case Sensitive so if you spelll something John in one part you have to spell it John in all parts of the system. John and john are not the same thing. I used John as an example but that goes for everything. Often when something doesnt work after following a tutorial the most common mistake is spelling or case sensitivity not followed.


Hi Dear, Very good tutorial, but unfortunately i am not able to get Delivery Status. When i check my action i have doubt i miss it and rule. I note some action i am not able to see in configuration.Action> update tickets delivery status no (State Name Delivery)
Rule>update new delivery ticket status,action Tickers delivery Status No (Waiting)
Rule> update ticket status when delivery Select **Action
update Ticket Delivery Statu Not Showing (Delivering) Can you advice to me how can i fix it.
Thank you very much.

I am confused by what you typed. Can you show screenshots? That might better illustrate your problem.