Custom Package Delivery for V5

Thank you sir, and sorry the my bad En:
What i am try to tell you, I am not able see Status {delivery: waiting}. I sure some mistake i did in action /rule i am 4 time i recheck but i could able find.
Please if you don’t mind see my attached image

Thank you very much.

Follow the tutorial exact. If it says to put a setting in there and the setting is not available with the dropdown box then you literally TYPE it in there exactly like it shows.

Thank you very much dear.

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Great Tutorial, I tested a pci modem for caller id and it works ,
My question is what steps to perform to take the call from caller id, select customer if existing or add a new customer with the phone number and then take the order

You’ll need to split the flow with a constraint probably using a report constraint or script to check if entity with tel number already exists.

When you click on CID popup it navigates to Customer List. If no customer lists there you can click on “New” button to add that customer to database.

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Excellent tutorial, But if I need to add a delivery charge to be added automatically when entering delivery order and be shown on the customer receipt as service or delivery charge. how I can do that. Thank you in advance.

Create delivery charge calculation and use update calculation action to your automation at the point you define a ticket as delivery.

Thank you very much I will try this and I found also thi

I think this is what you said but in details.

I wanted to add some symbols to the main POS screen and all worked OK except for the customer search one

the symbol showen on the POS screen but when I click it an error message popup and the program closes

Any idea what is the problem?

You shouldn’t name entity screens like that.

We’ll have Button Header setting on next update.


Ok, Thank you I will erase them

Another question If you please, I followed your tutorial and added a Delivery service charge, and it worked perfect in the POS, but in the printing this charge is made as Discount but added

I put two line to get the total amount without service, one I used service and another I used discount, to be sure that the service is done as discount but been added.

Thank you solved From

Thanks to JTRTech

I am trying this tutorial but after finished doing the design mode of the delivery screen, the “designs” disappear once I switch out of the design mode.

What did I miss in order to save the “designs” or is it because I am running an unregistered trial version?

When you disable design mode it will save the layout. You are disabling it before you switch to other screens right? If you switch to other screens without exiting design mode it will not save it.

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Hi I have follow step until
Displaying Delivered Orders

and when i test i got screen below, any advise for next step please

Link screen

Thx for the ptr. I found out is both my switching screens before right click out of the “design” and a problem with mouse buttons issue.

Never mind, found my own answer. has been wrongly using “Ticket Id” instead of the actual “TICKET NO”

“I am trying to display the ticket no. in the Ticket Listers in addition to the name of the customer. How would I specify that in the row format?”