Custom Package Delivery System issue

recently update my sistem and ad a different ticket to delivery and mostrador (take away) i already fix several issues but i can not solve this, when i create a sale in mostrador (create ticket) after pay it apears in wating in delivery screen, could you help me?

You can refer to below step by step and check your Rules.
Check the Rule “ Update Delivery Ticket State to Delivered when paid”

I read this document and make every settings step by step. But on ticket lister 1 and ticket lister 2 not working, writing nothing on ticket lister. Also on the ticket there isn’t ‘‘waiting or delivering’’ status. I am sambapos 4 user.

You must not have followed every step it seems you missed the step that deals with States. Read through it closely make sure you did not miss anything. Pay special attention to States. You have to define states and then also set them in the ticket lister. It could be either you do not have the States set in the ticket lister correctly or you did not get the States working properly.

There is sdf file. When download it, all settings will define in my sambapos?? How can i do it?

States??? I read document, it does not mention about states? am i wrong?

There is even a screenshot of an action you have to setup for Update Ticket State. So yes you did miss it. Please look back over it carefully you have missed a step somewhere.

Yes action ‘update Delivery Ticket State’ State Name: Delivery
State: [: Delivery State]
But in the Turkish document there are writing on State [:PStatus] when i write like this it is working.

The Rule ‘Update new delivery ticket status’
Add custom constraint>>>> ticket type name equals delivery ticket… when i do like that it turns waiting on my ticket. But before ticket type name equals (blank… there is no description) there is nothing writing on my ticket. I solve this next is delivering when i select deliverer… it doesnt turns delivering, still waiting

I solve waiting and delivering problem. now it seems on my ticket. Now i have a problem with ticket lister 1. When i select customer and take an order, on the ticket lister it doesnt seem. when select deliverer on ticket lister 2 everything is normal. But ticket lister 1 doesnt works properly. when i tick multi section and add command value ‘‘ticket selected o ticket lister’’ nothing seems on ticket lister 1.

@Jesse all is well now. I can manage it. I make some changes and make all setting and it is working now. also ı want to know is it possible to delete all ticket. Because to try it is working or not, i create a lot of order ticket and void all them. I want to delete all ticket and start from ticket no 1… Is it possible?

Yep you need database tools module installed

Go to main menu, manage, settings, database tools you should see one option in the list to clear all transactions

This is an all or nothing approach, you cant select transactions it will delete ALL transactions, tickets, accounting, inventory purchases etc

Be sure to backup first

Hello guys,

I have a little problem with my custom delivery system. On delivery screen ticket lister 1, there is always a customer name and ticket total 0… always same name(customer) same amount. There isnt any order any ticket belonging to the customer. is there any idea?

how did you solve that problems?

I can not solve the problem. I realised when i try to set up my delivery package system, i create a ticket. The ticket status paid but delivery state is waiting. So the ticket seems ticket lister 1 all time. Also the ticket dont have type (delivery or customer) so i can not void,cancel or change its status. You can also read this answer. I have tried number 1 and 2, it doesnt solve my problem. I will try number 3 later