Custom Package DeliverySystem Tutorial error

I have been following the tutorial at Custom Package Delivery System in order to learn how the different things are setup.
There appears to be one action missing in the tutorial.
The info on how to setup action Store selected Deliverer Name appears to be missing in the page. I can only find a reference to that near picture 31 (custom_package_delivery_system-031.jpg)

It is set as action in Pic 35

The SDF file appears to have this defined. I can do that if I have no choice.

Any help on what to do is appreciated. @emre

Create the Action Store selected Deliverer Name with follwoing details

Additional info:

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Thank you @morshed1. I already had your post with the sample database in a new tab ready . :stuck_out_tongue:
But this helps a lot while I learn. :smiley:

I have used the SDF attached above in ver 4.1.63 and can confirm it works fine.
I am looking to tweak this entity screen. Here’s what I want to do.
1: I want to change color of deliverer if he/she is delivering an order. Color should go back to default only after all orders are settled by that deliverer.
2: I want to remove the resource lookup widget (that looks up deliverers). [Thats easy to remove. :stuck_out_tongue: ] But I like the “view all tickets assigned to a deliverer” option. Is it possible to have a button below or on side each deliverer that can bring up that screen?
I made a mockup in photoshop

When I click Green button I want this screen, but without the blurred out bits.

I cant figure out how to merge tickets, but thats OK. I can settle tickets individually.

Ultimately, I’d like dynamic deliverer listing, with availability color coded , but since I only plan to have 2 or 3 delivery persons, its not a big deal. :smiley:

I cant make the lister widgets touch the edge of my screen. In properties I tried X and Y values as (1,1), but it still starts a little from the left. It is because of my screen resolution?

Thanks in advance for any help rendered. :smiley: