Custom printer : Save to file printer


I tried to configure the printer to Custom Printer and Save to file printer without success. I tried to create the file too but still no content printed to that file.

Do I need to use specific format for the file name? I have tried ‘c:\tmp\test_printer.txt’ and ’ c:\tmp\test_printer.txt’

pls ignore this post. I missed out the Printer Share Name/Port name and it does not work.

However, I wonder if we can append the file with this option instead of re-create the file each time we print?

I am thinking of a scenario of audit trail that can be done to append any change to the tickets for example

There is an Action for Add Line to Text File. Maybe that is what you’re looking for instead - it appends lines of text into a text file, essentially creating an audit trail.

… also you can create ticket based logs by using Add ticket log action. Maybe you can use them together to create a system wide log and ticket specific logs.

Thanks @QMcKay and @emre.

@emre, is there any doc for this Ticket Log? I only see 2 parameters: Category and Log. What should go to that Log? Is it a file name? Or any SambaPOS log file?

I’ve tried to create a simple tutorial about log feature usage here.