Custom Report Help - Account Transactions

I am trying to replicate the Print account Transactions report which is hardcoded. I would like to include the Ticket ID

Ok so you want a report that looks exactly like that one but with Ticket Id inserted where your arrow is?

I think your leaving out some crucial info…You want this report to be printed from the Accounts Screen when you select an account right?

Yes Sorry.

Ok I will prepare a sample for you to get you started. Give me a few moments. BTW here is a link you should bookmark for future it will help you with Reports.

Its not 100% complete its missing some new features in v5 but its a great starting point.

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Ok to accomplish this we will need some help from @emre. Currently the Command Value will not pass the information we need from that button.

I think we can accomplish this using the Print Report action and the Paramaeters setting. Our hiccup is that Command Value parameter from Account screen can only pass 2 static values and neither one would work for what we need.

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It doesn’t have to be the Ticket ID as long as I have the same generated number on Printed Ticket.

Emre is going to help us out. Next few days we might have a nice solution.

Hi @kendash did you ever get any further with this?

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He’s waiting next update for related new features.

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Has any progress been made on this query?
I think I am looking to do a similar thing. I have set up a custom report for one of my rooms, the report currently picks up the account total of the room, I would like to be able to list the daily totals of the tickets, similar to how they are displayed in the Account Details screen, although I’d only need the date and the ticket total to display.

I was wondering if it is possible to list the daily ticket totals between the Room name and the Total Due on my report.