Custom Report on Discount

Dear All,

Sorry for the repetition, I have been battling with this over weeks and have reviewed lots of information on the platform but am unable to do it.

I want to do a report on Discount. I give discount on total ticket value (Fixed Amount Discount). I would want to show the following headings;

Ticket Number | Username | Discounted Total | Discount Given

And finally would want to sum the “Discount Given” Column

I would appreciate your help

Thank you All

[DISCOUNTS:1,1, 1, 1, 1]
>Ticket#|User|Ticket Total|Rate|Discount Amount
{REPORT CALCULATION DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,C.User,T.TotalAmount,C.Amount,C.CalculationAmount:(CT=Discount)}
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Thank You General Emre, I have implemented it, Its working thanks.

I highly recommend studying this:

It will help you in the future immensely to study and practice it.

Hi emre,

How can i custom this report

Like this report

Ticket amount is…?
Just rearrange the items in the comma seperated list to reorder.

Hi JTRTech,

Ticket amount is total of discount
for example today have discount 10% 3 time

10% = 3

Number of tickets with discount?
That’s pointless if your listed by ticket (showing ticket number as that would always be 1…

I believe you already started a question about this, where you’ve been linked to this post …

The issue here is that you are NOT providing enough information on how you configured your discounts, we have no idea how they are working for you, and so we can never know how to help you.

Give us more details, show us your setup … are discounts made with ticket tags? What data does Samba have?

Hi sabata,

Thank you and my apologize my English is not good but i will try to write my step below


I understand what you want as a report, what I want to know is this:

Do you have discounts working? How?

Do you have a separate button named Discount 10% that when you click it it gives you a 10% discount? Do you also have a separate button named Discount 5% that when you click it it gives you a 5% discount?

Hi sabata,

no I not have a separate button name of Discount 10% and Discount 5%

Could i have your advise please