Custom report print work period all tickets details

Hi All,

I need to have a report that print all tickets on work period selected so i can have the list of tickets like bellow.


  • Qte / Product Name / Unit Price
  • Qte / Product Name / Unit Price

    Total Ticket


  • Qte / Product Name / Unit Price
  • Qte / Product Name / Unit Price

    Total Ticket


  • Qte / Product Name / Unit Price
  • Qte / Product Name / Unit Price

    Total Ticket

You would do something like;
@{report tag giving list of ticket ids}
{report ticket details:id,user etc:(Ticket id=$1)}
{report order details:prod,price etc:(ticket id=$1)}

The $1 make line 2 and 3 loop per value in the @ report results.

These are obviously not the actual report expressions, fields and constraints but demo how you would do that layout.

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I’m not familiar with report in Samba Pos, if there any tutorial that could help me learn how i code it.
loop, if statement, etc…

I tried this report bellow i get all tickets with all details only thing it lack and its important is how to get to integrate {REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName} inside the the main report on each Ticket line

[TICKETS:1,2, 1, 1, 1, 1]

Ticket#|Date|Items|Cash|Credit Card|Total
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,T.Date,T.Orders.Count,PA.Cash,PA.Credit Card,T.TotalAmount}


I don’t know how do you expect to format that in a single report but this is how you can construct your report.

[REPORT:3, 1, 1]
>Menu Item|Quantity|Price
>>{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Date,T.TicketNumber:Ticket.TicketNumber=="$1":Ticket {0}-{1}}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity,O.Price:T.TicketNumber=="$1"}

Tutorials are here.

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Thx @emre it work !! i just need one last thing is to add the datetime of ticket close and total amount of the ticket

I manage to add all info but still doesn’t know how to filter by work period or date.

thx in advance :wink:

You view in reports section of main menu and change the date in the fields at the top…

@JTRTech , I tried to change date begin and date end (as u told me in ur last post) and when i hit refresh it doesn’t change report data and date begin goes to first ticket date , i think i nee to change code in my report ?!

Have you been closing and opening work periods?
Reports will only show whole work periods…

If you dont close each day and say have a work period open for several days the dates will be automatically expanded to include this, or visa versa if you have multiple work periods per day which is also not reconmended the reports will report all the periods within the days set to be reported.

Show your work period list.

Okey thx @JTRTech, Now i understand !!! :wink:

so i can conclude that there no feature in custom report that could filter by date fileds :frowning: ?

There is but that is not what you asked. You can also create a custom entity screen and use the custom report widget and automation to set date filters for the report.

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You can report by date fields, it will report over multiple work periods. but you need to do work period PER DAY!!!
If you have not closed your work period you will just get the current work period for ALL TIME.

You havent said if this is the case or not though… have you been closing work period each night?

Can u link a tutorial in the forum to it

Well I dont automatically have a link to give you. I can however take advantage of search and start searching for it which is what I recommend you do.

My first search returned some possible discussions that might be useful.

I highly recommend you take advantage of search and read all the discussions you can that might give you idea of where to start.

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Yes, I understand there is some days that i didn’t close work periods.

You should always open and close work periods so reports can be accurate. What is your reason for not closing?

Most of reasons is my absence :frowning:

If you dont open and close work periods then your reports will not be accurate. The reason for work periods is for report periods and accurate stock adjustments.

So how to get reports based on tickets and ignore Work Periods ? is it possible ? or it opposite the workflow of SambaPos ?