Custom Report Viewer Question

I found this “deliverer report” here Actually very useful but I get some rule validation errors and the automation commands don’t pass a value. But that’s not the question here.
I like the setup of this clickable/selectable report viewer and would need a similar functionality to list tickets with a specific tag including the display, print and report automation commands. But I don’t understand the magic of this entity screen.
In Design Mode I can set the properties of the report viewer like in this picture:

In working mode though it looks as if this an entity search widget:

I checked the database and there is no resource / entity search widget associated with this entity screen. Does anybody understand the magic here? How do I get this type of selectable list based on a custom report viewer? Thanks …

Hello this is a very advanced function you can get an idea of how to do this here.

Customer Purchase History with Display/Print Ticket - V5 Tutorial - SambaClub Forum (

This will not show you exactly what you need but it will demonstrate the functions and skills you will need to learn to build it for your needs.

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Wow … this looks like a great feature. Thanks a lot. Got the Deliverer Report already working with this info - this was a translation issue - Paketçi instead of deliverer for the table name :slight_smile:

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This inconspicuous ‘#’ in front of the table name in a report makes a big difference. I used it to implement one use case as of now - the management of ‘Manual Official Receipts’ - a peculiarity of the Philippines. Only officially accredited software can be used here to print ‘Official Receipts’ and it has to run on officially accredited POS Hardware. This requirement makes the available software choices either extremely weak in functionality or extremely expensive. Thus my approach here is to associate a ticket with the sequential numbering scheme of the manual receipts. The below entity screen enables the management of these official receipts. I can print a report and all receipts of a date range and hand it over to someone to write the manual receipts to be ready for any tax audits. Customers only get the manual official receipt when they specifically ask for it. Sometimes I am, cursing about the subtle notational differences within Samba depending on where you are - but on the other side I could not do anything like this with any other software.

Here my official receipt management test screen:


That # converts it to a table we also support pivot tables if you put a ! In front instead of #

Thanks and good to know - this will be one of the next “exercises”.

9.1.6. Custom Report Pivot Table Views – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

9. Reports – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

Oops I should have found that one. One more question. The normal report printing seems to ignore these type of tables and not print them. In these reports only the report header is printed. Is it like it is or do I do something wrong? I know that I can print the table when right-clicking and selecting ‘print preview’.

You should enable the visual printing option in the report

Did not work - actually does not even print out the heading anymore. I found this old thread discussing the issue.

I just cloned the report without the ‘#’ and use this for printing - that’s good enough.