Custom voucher for special products only

Hi guys. Here is one process in my coffee shop that I’m trying to implement in SambaPOS. The thing is that with every package of coffee we give a customer a voucher (currently it’s a simple card, like a business card) for free espresso. So customer can use this card immediately or any time later to have a free espresso. Voucher is valid for espresso only. If customer wants cappuccino (technically it’s espresso + steamed milk) milk is charged.

I need to implement this workflow and have few questions.

  1. How to implement voucher accounting (how many is in stock, how many was given to clients and how many used to pay espresso). That’s probably simplest one, as far as I understand I need to create voucher account type and and transactions. It will be possible then to debit/credit it when required. If what I say here is wrong or not a full story or should be done other way - please, let me know.

  2. Automatically credit voucher account when coffee package is sold.

  3. Automation command to pay for espresso with a voucher.
    Well, that’s probably tricky part. The product that should became free is type of coffee beans and it’s defined as Order Tag.
    There are two items in ticket on the screenshot below.
    If voucher is applied to espresso, price should be 0.
    If voucher is applied to cappuccino, price should be 4.

Price of top level product “Espresso” is 0. Order tag adds actual price depending on sort of beans.
Price of top level product “Cappuccino” is 4 (price of milk). Order tag adds price of beans depending on its sort.

When explore existing Gift I see that whole item price became 0, in my case I need to “zero” order tag price. Not sure how to do this.

Ive setup a discount voucher scenario with accounting where you can scan/keyin the barcode of the voucher and it will deduct either an amount or percentage depending on the voucher scanned

You could use that setup to see how many discount vouchers have been redeemed and the value you have discounted in accounts screen

You could simply setup your vouchers as an actual product with zero price and add to inventory so you can monitor stock levels. You could then automatically add this voucher product when specific items are added to ticket such as your espresso (this would then reduce you inventory for the voucher)

The when redeeming you simply scan barcode which adds a discount amount to the ticket, and put voucher in the tikk. At the end of the day you can add up the value of the vouchers in the till against the value account say you should have

You would need two vouchers one that has the discount value of your product so it makes it free and another voucher with a value that will discount your product to 4

Or you could set it so that when the voucher is scanned it automatically gifts the required item

Or even better just scan the voucher which wil automatically add the item and gift it or reduce price to 4

Look at my voucher turorial you could use and adapt

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Thank you @RickH, your £5 can be applied to my case. My basic espresso cost is ₴14, so I can implement this the same way as your £5 except I’ll add button, because my vouchers has no barcode yet.

The only thing in this case is that staff should manually control that voucher is applied to order that has an espresso based beverage. But I’ll play around to control this in some way.

If your doing it as a button and want to control access to it you could set the button as admin so its needs admin pin when pressed to work?

Is that what you mean?

No, a bit different. I mean that this voucher is for espresso or espresso based beverages only: like cappuccino or late. Customer can’t use this voucher when buying package of coffee or accessories or coffee machines. So ideally I’d like to implement some limitation that will not allow to use voucher if there is no espresso in the order.

Basically I’m totally ok with idea for my voucher to just extract price of espresso (14 UAH) from ticket, but ideally I’d like to be sure that espresso is in the order.

We should be able to add a constraint so that the button to add the voucher only works if espresso has been added to the ticket

Or just add the voucher automatically when espresso is added to the ticket

Not sure how to add constraint, but will play around. Will try to add Voucher button in the same way as Gift button works - it became active only if order item is selected. Good point to start I think

Custom constraint will be added in the rule when im bk on my pc ill add some screenshots to show you

To have the button appear when you click the order on the ticket map map you button to order line

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