Any Tutorial for Setting up Different Kind of Promotions?

Can any one provide me the link to implement different kind of promotions.

For example

Type 1.
Buy One Medium Chesse Burst Pizza and Get One Small Regular Pizza free.
where Medium and Small are configured as portion and Chesse burst as an order tags for different portions.

Type 2:
50 % off on lunch on weekdays.

Type 3:
50 % off on second Pizza of the same size.

Type 4:
Buy one get One free [same or lesser price ]

Type 5:
200 Rs off on an order above 1000 rs.

Sure, the link is that little magnifying glass at the top right of your page. Click it and type into the search box, and you can have links to any tutorials you want! :wink:

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I have created the post which covers almost all kind of promotions. this will conclude any ones promotion needs. so we will have all the promotion link at once place.

please attach a link below and do me a favour.

I think most users in the community know how to use the search. I don’t think that would benefit the community. Plus, I don’t see why others need to do that for you? Basically what I read your post as “please do the search for me, copy and paste the links for me from the forum into one post as I am too lazy to use the search and put any effort in myself” :wink:

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you are getting me wrong.

I just wanted to make the whole list of promotions available. I have obviously search the forum for my issues. I have solved few and few are still remaining.

like how to add free item that depends on the portion of the particular product group.

I disagree and feel I fully understand your question. If you had spent any time searching yourself you would have found these already exist:

And linked from that post:

If these do not help you, there are many other tutorials and you can use the search using specific keywords on what you actually need.

I have gone through all of this but not able to find out how can I add free Item automatically when particular portion of a selected Item group is added?

But this was not what your question was in this topic. I see you already started another topic for that anyway.

I searched for “free” …

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hi do you have a link to those tutorials please thansk

Amazing things can happen when you use the search feature… :wink:

Why you chose to reply to a 2 year old topic rather than spending a bit of time searching surprises me.

You will find all the tutorials if you just search for relevant keywords…