Customer Accounts Questions

I have some issues about that, I made a customer search entity and customer pre-paid settlement but I need to create a customer account while the button is not available.

Also I need to know how to customer deposit?

Thanks a lot

In order to create a Customer Account you need by default fill in NAME and PHONE fields, you can change that in Entities if you’d like to.

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I already did, but I just make an example by write name only.

Then show your client entity details for us to get a better idea, I see you edited it, probably something to do with that.

Your screenshot indicates that you do not have a Customer named “Customer Test”. The search is not showing any matching results for you to select.

This is already created, but still creating account unavailable

No, show us the ENTITY screen, as seen in MANAGE section.

Need to see the Entity Type setup for Customer to see Custom Fields, and Account Template setting.

Entity Types, Customer.

Like this:

What do you think I missed?

Ok see, you changed the Phone in Custom Fields to “Phone 1” … but you forgot to set it up lower in Accounting, to [Phone 1]

Account Name Template means you have to have these [Name] - [Phone] fields filled in with something, however since you changed the field name to Phone 1, the field [Phone] simply does not exist anymore, and thus, you cant create an Account for the client.

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The Account Template you have is:


But you do not have a “Phone” field. You have “Phone 1” and “Phone 2”. So you need to changed the Account Template to maybe:

[Name]-[Phone 1]
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Yes :slight_smile: it works now
many thanks

Another Question: I need to make a prepaid settlement for customers, so how to deposit

I setup the account and add 100 $ as a deposit but when I settle it closed without considering the deposit