Customer Accounts - Statements

Is it possible to see all Customer Accounts in one location. Lets say I have 2 customers John and Tom. They both buy something and charge it to their account. I have to then go into each of their accounts to see what they owe. Is it possible to show a list of customers who owes money and then email each one a statement. This would be for a retail setup. Also is there any way of doing estimates/quotes with SambaPos?

You can see Customer Accounts in ACCOUNTS, it’ll show a list of Names and what they Owe.

For estimate/quotes you could just print bill with items they want and give it to them, or mail it to them, you could even add a new printer just for that and change the Template.

I don’t see customer accounts in Accounts all I see is

For the quotes is it possible to recall the quote and covert to sale

You need to activate it in Manage - Account - Account Screens, just open one and add Customers Account… or create a separate screen just for Customers… You can also hide accounts with 0 balance

For the recall option, I’d say YES but it would take some advanced configurations.

Thanks. That is what I was looking for. I will keep searching for info on quotes.

Pre-order is the only thing I can think of which might be of use although note quite the same as quotes.
If you used custom reports you might be able to recreate the work period report to separate ‘quotes’ using an additional ticket state of quote but someone more experienced like kendash would probably be the best one to confirm the viability of that idea.
Preorder might work as a temporary solution.

Check show details for the account screen.

Yes there is a Send Email action and with Custom Reports you can do that fairly easily.
You could also use a Printer Template for Invoice and use Send Email action for it.

All of the tags to gather Account information is available either in Printer Templates or Custom Reports.

Here are a few accounting tags for example:


This tag returns total balance of X. X can be an account name or account type name. For example if you type {ACCOUNT TOTAL:Cash} it will give you the balance of ‘Cash’ account. If you type {ACCOUNT TOTAL:Payment Accounts} it will give you the balance total of all ‘Payment Accounts.’


Works like {ACCOUNT TOTAL:X} but it gives only Debit Total.


Works like {ACCOUNT TOTAL:X} but it gives only Credit Total.


This tag returns total of X Account Transactions. X should be Account Transaction Type Name:Account Name. For example {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Transaction:Cash} tag will return total amount of Payment Transactions which changes Cash account.


Works like {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL} but returns Debit Total.


Works like {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL} but returns Credit Total.


This special tag prints Account Transaction Details for X Account
Transaction Type. X will be the Account Transaction Name. It returns a 3
column table. Date, Description and Amount. For example: {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Customer Cash Payment:Cash} tag will print details of cash payments made by customers.

You could setup the Send Email action to use a variable for send to email address and then use [?Enter Email] in the rule and it will prompt you to type the email you wish to send too… or you could even pull that info another way by sending an Entity through automation command and using custom fields for email.

Thanks for the info I will have a go at it over the weekend.