Customer Display using Custom Browser Printer


You might wat to elaborate on that.
Do you have your ‘browser based’ customer display setup in place, and its opening on primarry display?


i have 1 aio touch for cashier n add second monitor 14" for customer display.
with this tutorial customer display popup in main screen monitor can’t move to second monitor


I beleive if you move an aplication window to a second monitor, so long as you dont use that aplication in the main monitor it will reopen in the second monitor.

As for moving it to the non touch monitor - might I sugest a mouse :stuck_out_tongue:


this message appears when i add image to a product. Any idea ?
Windows 10 x86
Internet Explorer 11


If thats the image file location youve typed thats the issue, it needs to be a simple file location without all the extra bits of formatting

Also, The third part of it you have used forward slashes when they should be back slashes


Thank you for the response.
I just use the tutorial nothing else… the slashes are forward in the tutorials ticket template …


But error message from picture you post you use backslash. It should be forward slash like in tutorial.


Look at the tutorials ticket template please …



Just try to change image path (ProdImage) to forward slash and see what happen.


The same thing, I think that something has to do with the !="? at the end of the line.


Look like same problem like @kmurat


So the problem is on Windows 10 right ?


Maybe @QMcKay can confirm that.
I don’t have this setup. But I use browser printer with windows 10 no problem.


Can you suggest something different ?
Something to work with on windows 10.


I doubt that it is problem with windows 10 and IE11. Please make sure you follow the tutorial to the letter especially double quote and single quote.


It says \P is not a valid escape sequence. Try using \\ where you use \ char.


Hi emre, you want me to use the double slash in the Template, Printer Settings or Both ?


Tested on windows 7 everything OK
On Windows 10 same problem


OK @QMcKay will lough me when he see this :slight_smile:

I’ve tested it on windows 10.

Everywhere you have reference to an image (both on template and item tags…) use forward slash / instead of \``` or\` characters.

For example C:/Users/Emre/Documents/SambaPOS5/Images/hamburger.jpg


Exactly what I was going to suggest. It does work when you use single forward slash /