Customer Display using Custom Browser Printer


One other question. What would you have to add in order to show tendered amount and change after the ticket is paid on customer display. Is that similar to creating another template and have it linked to Tendered Amount and Change amount? Then creating a rule for it to show up right after the amount is tendered before creating a new ticket?
If so I also think that by having that and an idle screen, the change and tendered screen will disappear almost straight away. , Then again this is theoretical haven’t actually had time to test it. Maybe once I get home I’ll look into it. I’ve almost got a setup I can use for a customer who desperately wants their customer display similar to this example I gave him.


Is it possible to define which browser opens the .html file?
I have 2 print jobs executing simultaneously and it works fine the first time (when IE is closed). Opens two separate instances of IE but when i reprint again I get this error:

Error Message: The requested resource is in use. (Exception from HRESULT:0x800700AA)

I have tried adding a delay to the second print job but it just overwrites the first. I need both.

If i could specify a different browser for each printer I think it would solve my issue.


No you can’t do that. It supports single browser.


Ah thats a pitty It would have been useful for advertisement.
Its working now it just gives a warning if Internet explorer is already open. I have it set to only run when the program starts so it should be ok.

Another issue I’m having with the [ORDERS:INDEX:1]
I have a [ORDERS:Misc] which works fine. Basically it renames the Misc Item to the description (tag note). But when the Order is first in the list it shows as Misc Item. , when it moves down it displays the description correctly.

I have tried [ORDERS:INDEX:1:Misc] but cant seem to get it to work.


I’ve added [ORDERS:Misc ONTOP] syntax for next version. (.55). I’ll be glad if you can test and let me know if it works fine.

SambaPOS V 5.1.55 - 5.1.56 Release

Perfect Thanks. Will that work for Gift items also?


Maybe you could use a webserver for second screen display for ads. If its just for ads, and make it run on chrome for example, then use IE for other printer templates. The idea comes from the use of web server for customer display in v4. But since Samba defaults to IE for CD (customer display ) the other html can be automated to run on different browser via local web server


Hi @QMcKay just a quick one.
Does this work on version 4.


No it is not available in version 4


No worries thank you quick reply.


This is not working in .55


OK. So when you have time I’ll be glad if you can explain how you’ve used it, what was the expected output and what it did instead…

			<td align="left">{QUANTITY}</td>
			<td align="left" style="color: red;">{NAME}</td>
			<td align="right">&#8364;{PRICE}</td>
			<td align="right">&#8364;{TOTAL AMOUNT}</td>

	<td align="left">{QUANTITY}</td>
	<td align="left">{NAME}</td>
	<td align="right">&#8364;{PRICE}</td>
	<td align="right">&#8364;{TOTAL AMOUNT}</td>


	<td align="left"></td>
	<td align="left">{ORDER TAG NAME}</td>
	<td align="right">[&#8364;{ORDER TAG PRICE}]</td>
	<td align="right">[&#8364;{ORDER TAG TOTAL}]</td>

	<td align="left">{QUANTITY}</td>
	<td align="left" style="color: red;">{ORDER TAG NOTE:Misc Item Description}</td>
	<td align="right">&#8364;{PRICE}</td>
	<td align="right">&#8364;{TOTAL PRICE}</td>

	<td align="left">{QUANTITY}</td>
	<td align="left">{ORDER TAG NOTE:Misc Item Description}</td>
	<td align="right">&#8364;{PRICE}</td>
	<td align="right">&#8364;{TOTAL PRICE}</td>

	<td align="left">{QUANTITY}</td>
	<td align="left">{NAME}</td>
	<td align="right"></td>
	<td align="right">GIFT!</td>

I need it to use the [ORDERS:Misc ONTOP] template for all Misc items.
It is using the default [ORDERS:INDEX:1]

The Misc in red should show “Misc Test Description 2”


Hmm. so you need to use INDEX and ONTOP together in the template. OK so I’ve added a syntax for default formats. Instead of defining INDEX section you’ll configure default top line section like that. I’ll upload a .55 refresh today and let you know.

Customer Display template by Order States

Great that should solve it. Thanks!


I’ve refreshed 5.1.55. Please re-download it.


The [ORDERS: ONTOP] seems to be taking priority over the [ORDERS:Misc ONTOP]
If i remove [ORDERS: ONTOP] , [ORDERS:Misc ONTOP] works


That probably happens because [ORDERS: ONTOP] section appears before [ORDERS:Misc ONTOP] section in template. You can adjust priority by moving [ORDERS:Misc ONTOP] section before [ORDERS: ONTOP]


That did the trick. Thanks


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