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Hi @abekeris

I am in Chicago area as well. SambaPOS is now taking off in US. :slight_smile: US user base keeps growing. I have been using the software for about one year and it performs flawlessly.

Please let me know if you make any progress on credit card processing. I am very interested in Credit Card processing.

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Sure I will, I have to think in how to do it, it would be a plus if SambaPOS could interact with other applications. I’ll keep researching and posting.


I am not sure if it would impact CC processing at all. But Version 5 when released will have new scripting engine that supports full Jscript. Many aspects of it have been opened up to this scripting. For example I am able to read JSON data from a weather webapi and display results.


Awesome this will do the job, the cc processors I have researched use web services so this should work.

Any news of when will v5 available?


It should be available soon. He just added some pretty big features today that need further testing. I know a lot of people getting anxious and rightfully. It will be worth the wait I promise. A HUGE amount of new features were introduced and it needs a lot of testing.


That conversation is … just inspiring :bulb: … (as always) Thank you.


Any of those new features include sub items that @emre once showed us a preview of? @kendash

Also for the new v5, will there now be a way to get a live ticket feed onto another monitor for drive thru customer order confirmation?


Not sure about your second question. But I thought I showed you some new Order Tag options in v5?


Yeah but he had another solution with sub items which I thought was awesome. @kendash

He said he wasn’t sure if he was going to continue development with it. I was wondering if he did.


Can you find that discussion because I think what we have is same thing and it was born from that discussion. It may have changed a little but I am pretty sure its the same thing.


Yes search sub order development @kendash


I found it. No that has not made it in yet. Does not mean it wont. But I think the Order Tags development is the better solution.


OK is there any other development for order tags besides what you already showed me? @kendash


Not that I have seen. I think that covers just about every scenario with order tags.


OK thank you. @kendash

Do you think the v5 JavaScript feature will let me grab order data as it’s being typed in? So then I can make a live order screen for drive thru


That I am not sure of. Will have to wait and see :stuck_out_tongue:


This is how my screen looks attached to the back of the computer…



Thanks for this. Don’t mean to sound dim, but what’s the point of the server here, is it for multi-user systems?




Typically when someone mentions server… its really just another terminal its setup as the main terminal and its running the SQL Server Database.

In fact other than SQL server there really is not a need for an actual server with SambaPOS.


Sorry, one more question, will this work in v3 and v4?