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This does work in v4… it was developed and tested in v4.

It should work in v3 as well. I don’t see anything in this setup that would prevent it.


Something that I just put together, the images above are all slideshow. Still think im going to have a major hurdle with the refresh but well see. Never to this day have I seen a customer display in drive thru with high resolution. I can really see this getting big.

Also if this was to be built into samba I would really think we should have the capability to design it as such. @kendash If it was a widget in samba and all that border around was showing I dont see it being too useful.


I like the layout you put together, Could I copy your layout and change the images accordingly? It’s pretty much exactly the layout I want to implement for a customer of mine who has 4 branches. He wants the layouts to be exactly the and the colours are similar too so this would be perfect.

Also @abekeris I tested your method, however when I go to fire IIS up, the left hand side displays the image, the right hand side gives me a “cannot display” error. I checked and it turns out I was missing main.html file in the folder. However going through your steps I cannot find anything that goes inside the main.html file as you had done for the other .html files. could you advise me how you got it to work? Or provide a copy of your main.html so I can test?



By the way this tutorial should no longer be needed we have a new addon module for v5 that works alot better. Just wait for that it should be out very soon. That way you dont need to deal with iss or anything. Its alot better and more responsive.


@eddhasaj Yeah I do intend to do that, however I’ve got a customer who wants to see a live demo with a dual screen. So something like that is really appealing.


main.html is created by SambaPOS. See how the printer is created (Demo Printer with outputo to a file)


Sorry where are you at with the tutorial. Sorry I haven’t dealt with this method for a little while so I need to refresh myself.

What do you need from me?



@aberkeris Ok i’ll check on that again and get back to you. I may have missed something.

@eddhasaj I wanted to know how you got the screen for Mcdonalds together. I followed the basics of the tutorial outlined in this topic and then followed abekeris method to get stuff on the second screen the way he had it set up for his POS. However I liked how you put yours together so I wanted to know what exactly did you insert into your html files and sambapos to get it like that. I don’t know If i’m being clear. Apologies for retouching on this topic again after so long.


Hey provide me some more info as I actually have those files on another computer that I left at a clients place and dont when im going back there. Also that was just a sample and didn’t really have everything working on it. I am working on a much better one for the near future so just sit tight.

In the meantime if im in a good mood one day I wouldn’t mind doing some html and photoshop to setup a simple one for you. What size screen will you be using because it matters? @Shivan


Haha. I would love the help to be honest. Ok as soon as i get home from work ill post a more detailed explanation of what ive done ans what i want to achieve. Ill try to make it a clear summary so you donr have to reqd pages and pages of lines. Screen size is 15" the pos machine is a dual 15" display. Ill post photos too


hi everyone I use @JohnS import file

I add more order nothing change

Settle go to Payment Screen Take a Payment nothing changes

Please Help


Not sure were you Localhost:9980 is coming from?? This is not SambaPOS


sorry @Peter_Cijsouw could you explain that to me please. I dont get it


Explain your left screen


Did I do some thing wrong :sob:


The page you show is running from a local webserver and not from SambaPOS


I just copy what they did. can you please tell me how to fix it.


You Should use Kitchen Display or Just your normal Printer Setup.
May I assume you have a printer connected to the system, configure your printer setup first.
Don’t know the configuration you like to achieve.

An other option is to use the Kitchen Display function. Look here.


@Peter_Cijsouw I just need to use tablet as a second screen for a customer to see what they order not a kitchen display. :cry:


You should check your printer template used for the second screen.