Customer Display with Advertisement


I didt change anything just use import file from @JohnS


Just go true the forum as all uploads are not always 100% working,

Look also in the setup from
abekerisMar 16
Here it is…

Customer Display Setup.pdf33 (918.0 KB)


Yub I will try that one first. Thanks.


V5 due out very soon it has built in support for this without need for the app and web server.


Hello JohnS, I have been able to setup Samba following the same each step by step setting you laid out, but when I call up items, the chrome page doesn’t appear by the side and doesn’t show up the items. How do I sort this out, pls point in the right direction…Thanks


@neo_classic2004 & @Raphael9630 as kendash said V5 is due out any day and has this feature built in and very easy to use, I wouldn’t spend too much time setting this up in V4 as will take a fraction of the tike to get working in V5.