Customer Purchase History Reporting


Go through the following Tutorial for Account Statements. It contains the elements you are looking for, and also works with the Purchase History:


Having problems with this.

Have tried both manual and DB import. Its obvious what the problem is, im using another entity name and type.

My entity Type is SquareCard Customer Card entity name is SquareCard

Ive tried every possible combination but cant seem to get the actual purchase history to show in the list on the left?

In the Scripts, is that the Entity Name? So for me it would be SquareCard Customer Card?
in the actions within the rules, which are the Entity Names and Which are the Entity Types?

3rd day of trying now, I hate to be defeated :frowning:


Edit: wish i just called them both SquareCard :confused:


Entity Name is the Name of the Customer, or in your case, the name of the Card.

Entity Type would be Customers, or “SquareCard Customer Card(s)”, or whatever it shows in your Entity Types list.

Maybe check the SQL Script to ensure it isn’t hard-coded in there to “Customers”. It shouldn’t be.


ok weird, ive gone through it time after time.

I must be missing something… but i cant see it

Ive even put it in text wrangler and done a find and replace “Customers” for “SquareCard Customer Card”.

Ill keep looking


Look in the Widget Settings on the Custom Entity Screen, in particular, the Entity Search Widget…


Still unable to get this working.

Is someone able to look at my DB? Ive literally covered all angles I can think of… (I know that’s a noob thing to say… but I actually have!)

Would be appreciated



Still not able to get this running :confused:

Slightly begging for anyone to check over the DB files if they have a chance?



Backup, ZIP, and PM to me.


This is one handy DB Tool! Can I print the generated report somehow?


Yes, it is simply a Report, so you would just add an button to fire an Action for Print Report.


I tried that but the program crashes when I push the button. Report looks fine in the Entity screen but looks like this in reports…

I just figured it was because there wasn’t a “customer” selected when viewed in reports but now I’m wondering if this is related??


You won’t be able to print from Report Explorer because the Report requires a Customer as a parameter.

Did you not read that ^ ?

What did you do? Show how you set it up. The button widget settings, the action, and the rule.



Again, the Report requires Parameters …





Oh, is that what you meant by parameters??!! :wink: