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The restaurant that I am setting this up for has requested that there be an option for a daily special.

Each day they have a lunch and a supper special. Usually they select a menu entree and a side with a drink for a lower price with no substitutions. Some days they do a non menu item like last night they had New York Steak that is not on the menu. Best case scenario would be for the manager to select/enter the items that will be on special for that day, set the price and the wait staff just clicks a “Daily Special” button and the selected items would show on the ticket with the set price.

Initially I thought of creating a menu item called “Daily Special” and a product named the same. with no portion price. Then add order tags for every item on the menu and check “Free Tagging” and “save free tags”, where the non menu items and price can then be added. I tried with just a couple items in the order tag list but it would not print to the kitchen printer for some odd reason.

Would there be a better way to do this opposed to making order tags for all their menu items…hundreds of them.

Thanks in advance.

So… When waiter clicks a menu button you need to add several products into ticket and products and prices chances everyday. Did I understood it right?

In Manage - Settings - Print Jobs - Print Orders to kitchen printer

Ensure you have added your item Daily Special into the print mapping.

Hello @Emre you acted before me!

One of the problems he mentioned was that a newly created product was not printing to the Kitchen Printer.

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@emre Yes…usually it will be 3 items…like…a Cheese burger, an order of fries and a medium pop for a set price which would be a dollar or 2 less then the regular price. Some days it will be a non menu item, like the New York Steak that is not on the menu. I already tried putting in an automated command button that would give 10% discount and it worked, but the owner wants to set his own price and that ticket can not be merged with others because of the calculation on it. I have looked through almost all of the topics and have found ones that make “combos” and “bunch” products but did not see how they would work.

I hope that I have explained the situation good enough. And thanks again.

@Isaac Thanks…forgot about good old mapping. Will add that today.

Ok…This is one thing I came up with. I created a menu group called “Specials”. Then created 3 products, Breakfast Specials, Lunch Specials and Supper Specials.

Now under the “Lunch Special” Product I created 2 portions, Lunch Special #1 and Lunch Special #2 with no price as the manager wants to manually enter a price each day.

The customer knows what the Specials are as they are written on a large black board on the wall. The manager has told the kitchen staff what special #1 is and what special #2 is so that does not have to be on the ticket. The wait staff would then select the side and drink that goes with that special. What I need is to have a price associated with each special and the manager would enter that in the morning and then change it the next day for the different special items as they change every day.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

I’m assuming that this can not be done?? I am going to try and find a different solution.

Fantastic program. It fulfills all the requirements that the restaurant needs except this. Very easy to use…I have let the wait staff play in training mode for the last week and they have picked it up with no difficulties. The owner wants to depoy it for next week and I am confident that there will be no problems.

Very good work.

I’ll show you a solution but it will be a little long tutorial so let me find some free time. Thanks.

I have made a tutorial that I printed out to show them how to go into the product list and physically change the portion price. It will do in the interim. No rush.


Hi Emre,

Has this tutorial been posted? I am a newbie to the Samba POS, but like it so far.

Thank you in advanced