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So, its been a while since ive been on here been busy making plans for my marriage… but since things are slowing down im getting back into samba and am enjoying V5… one thing ive been trying to think of how to do is setting up daily specials. We have the same exact specials every week so i need to find a way to make a button that you click on for specials then you choose the day and the item that they want with the special price. Any ideas?.. if it was time based on that day that would be even better where it would only show items on special for the day instead of all days.

This is the daily special list if that helps… Items that are on here are normal price on other days but i want to make a SPECIALS button to make it easier to find the special for that day.

I think i may have figured this out… i created a new portion for the items that go on the item called special with the price… then when i go into edit the product properties for the special i add the special portion to the item in there… when i do this now it allows me to select the item and the correct price shows up and even lists it as special in the order.

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Well… on second thought this would work if i didnt have the same specials on different days… is there a way to add one item on multiple submenu tags?

Use the same concept as this:

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I’m not sure that will work for me since what I need is the menu item to olny show on specific days of the week. I already have the items in the menu with the correct special I just need them to only show on the day they are ment to be available. So on Monday I have 4 items that need to be avalible only on monday. This is how I have it now with a button for the days and each item is listed under the day but this allows users to select a Friday special on Tuesday which is not good!

You can prevent it by using Product Tag Caption in Program Setting. Create Daily Special and value will be Mon, Tue and so on

Menu item   Daily Special
Product A    Mon
Product B    Tue

In Order Add To Ticket Event, put constraint to match ALL
{DATE:ddd} Matches {ITEM TAG:Daily Special}
{ITEM TAG:Daily Special} is not Null

If wrong day, then use cancel last order action. to remove the item.

So, if no Daily Special tag then it is rule is not trigger. If it is Daily Special then rule will check if Daily Special tag is the same as today day of the week or not.

I definitely thought of that but the problem is that the items would still be listed and there is already confusion… I need to hide the items from the menu when they are not available… Would Change Screen Menu be a better option? And just have the same menu for each day with just the specials for that day in those menus?

I don’t think you can hide it. I think the only way is to clone the menu then add daily special on each day and use change screen menu to switch it. So you have 7 menus lol.

Yea that’s what I was thinking… Would be nice if we could hide menu items based on days or times to create less rules and keep menu simple. The problem I have is people forget what day it is then complain that its not working… So I want to make it dummy proof for workers.

If they don’t even know what day is today. How can they know when to work lol. Or you make them work everyday :wink:

If only youve seen what I’ve seen some of these people struggle with you wouldn’t believe it! One user forgot the pin for 2 weeks… And it was so simple 4 digits!

For what you want, it seems the best solution is to make multiple menus, and switch them daily.

This can be done via Automation using the same concept as the Happy Hour. My Timeclock setup does something similar as well, in that it recognizes holidays to ensure employees are being paid the correct Rate. Upon Startup, it even notifies the user that it is a Holiday today.

##Clone Menu

Clone your Menu and alter each one to include only those items which are applicable. Name them using the day of the week as a suffix. For purpose of this example, I cloned the menu only a few times…



MenuName: Menu_{DATE:ddd}

Assuming today is Tuesday (which it is, as of the time of this post ;))

Hmm so I tried that with application opened rule but it didn’t seem to work… But what did work was ticket opened rule with the same action and setting the Menu_{DATE:ddd} could this be an issue if I do it like this?

Interesting. Does not seem to work with:

Application Started
User Login
Application Screen Changed

@emre, these would be useful events to do the switch… why does it not work?

The problem with that is the Menu may be incorrect on the first Ticket creation, so it will allow adding items from the wrong menu.

It probably works but ticket type switches it back to configured menu. That was designed to switch menu inside ticket so it does not alters default configuration.

How that happens?

[quote=“emre, post:17, topic:7976”]
How that happens?
[/quote]Whichever Menu is displayed by default may have products on it that are not allowed for that day, because the wrong Menu is currently showing.

So I’ve allowed to leave default menu selection empty for next refresh. When left empty you can handle menu switching stuff.

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Not sure I understand what y’all are talking about haha but the ticket opened rule I created works like I want every time… The true test will be tomorrow if it switchesswitches to the correct menu.

@QMcKay wants to have a solution for all possible uses. If it works for your case that’s fine.

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