Database Migration V4 to V5 ; Connection Error

I have been using V4 for past 4 years now switching to V5
I tried adding V4 database as per the tutorial How to Upgrade v4 Database to a New V5 Database

on Step 2 when I click on edit connection and fill the details it tries testing connection and throws an error thus not able to upgrade to V5 database

That is not how you do it. Nowhere in the guide does it say to set connection string like that. Do you have SQL server installed?

Please look here to get SQL server installed and setup
I’ll give link on how to convert your CE database to SQL.

Look here for how to convert your SDF file to SQL

when I click on Edit Connection it opens a window "Property Editor " where it has option to enter data source so entered the path of the database back up that i had created

I do have SQL server 2014 installed , this is what it shows in configuration manager of the SQL server meanwhile i will go through the steps and convert my sdf file to sql
Thanks …Appreciate you help :slight_smile:

That first link I gave you shows how to set your connection string. Data source would look something like localhost\SambaPOS or COMPUTERNAME\INSTANCENAME

I am able to create the .sqlce file
i already had the sql server compact toolbox runtime 4.0
now do i need sql management studio to create the query or it can be done using compact toolbox itself

You need mssms. It could be multiple queries depending on the size.

I am Downloading SQL Server Management Studio 17.9.1
will this work for me.
Also meanwhile do i need to check anything with the current sql server instillation ?

Just noticed its very heavy file … there is another application" Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express" …will that do do the work ?

Of course, you can try HeidiSql or Navicat.


Finally able to set it up.
was able to convert the old CE DB to .mdf with everything intact ( i hope)
now will start using the V5 and explore its features

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Personally for the best possible experience I would just archive the data into a backup and start from scratch with fresh v5 database. It would be work yes but i have seen a few strange things happen when migrating. Although Emre did build in some good maintenance tasks to fix most of that.

The only issue with starting fresh is adding menu items
as I have roughly 300 variable entries to make rest of the things I wont mind as I can build customer data as I go along using the V5