Datalogic Scanner/scale configuration

yes and also in notepad too.

yes i do have idea about it and m trying to sort it out this problem from datalogic supplier.
but one more question @emre i also want to use scale with this so do i have to buy any module for this scale?
datalogic have a dual test and its giving me weight on it. i also tried with CAS ER scale in samba but no luck.

You need to reset the barcode scanner using the configuration sheet that came with it. I had the same problem and fixed it by resetting the scanner.


It is odd for a barcode scanner to add S08 at the start of the barcode as a default configuration unless that is actually part of the barcode. You should have in the instruction manual a lot of barcodes to scan to configure the scanner. Try factory reset one, then see anything to remove the label ID. But your label may show the barcode as 040088214916 in text but the actual barcode may contain S08040088214916. You need to verify that.

Do you have another barcode scanner, maybe a basic cheap one, they usually scan normally by default.

If not, download a free barcode scanner app on your phone and scan the barcode to see what it actually contains. I recommend “Scandit” their app is good and free, scans any type of barcode.



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i did but m getting the same thing. By th way which model you had? and when i reset the scanner i downloaded a document containing set of barcodes from datalogic 12 digit barcode settings something like that and it was saying after resetting it you must scan these set of barcodes in order to scanner to work.

I didn’t tested it with datalogic scale so I don’t know if it works fine or not. You don’t need to buy a module. You can enable it from Market Screen. It works fine with CAS ER Jr model.

If your scale communicates through serial port you may integrate it with SambaPOS by following steps explained here.

i did all of that already and before i was using a usb scanner and it was working perfectly fine. i read the manual but my understanding is in scanner it have some standards like UPC-A, UPC and EAN, so might be i need to disable one of it to get the scanner remove label and yeah i used it already disable label id barcode but same thing.

i cant use numberpad action because every time i would have to press enter when samba reads barcode but is there any way to separate S08 from barcode by using script? in samba.

So it’s your scanner problem. If it worked with a USB scanner before with the same barcode, there is your problem. Why are you using the Datalogic scanner? Some of these more expensive scanners have strange default configurations.

Actually - search google for “datalogic scanner s08” one result I found:

Just search the page for “s08” you will find it says the barcode contains “s08”. This is your issue, it is not the datalogic scanner it the label printed by your scale. (I did not read that page in full though).

Did you actually try the datalogic scanner with another barcode, like on a product like a bottle of coke?

i buy a used one and its cheap on ebay. datalogic is really in working.

yes i tried it and m reading the same link you sent me to find a solution.

Surly that prefix on scale barcode is preferable anyway, that way you can make samba catch the prefix and rather than use direct barcode dicest the plu and weight to ring it in correctly.
I must be missing something as that seems pretty normal to me…

Yeah… @Faisal can’t you just put S08 into the Weight Barcode Prefix here:

I assume you are capturing weight from the barcode? You can also define your item ID length and format then you use that as the barcode in SambaPOS. But haven’t we been through all this with you before in a previous topic?

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I tried but item not coming up.

No m not trying to read weight from barcode m just trying to scan a simple barcode but my scanner is adding S08 in the beginning of each barcode so samba is not understanding the barcode.
Actual item barcode is 746177779409 and scanner is giving output to samba is S08746177779409.

Just make number pad entered rule which strips it extra characters if you can’t work out how to change prefix settings on scanner.
Prefix and suffix are common options on virtually all input devices like barcode scanners, msr readers and rfid readers.

Show the product with this barcode?
If your using scale printer for barcode surly the weight etc should be in the barcode printed?

This is not a barcode printer scale, its just a scanner with a scale. Like this:

And I cant use a action because I have to press after each scanning when samba would read barcode and give me on number pad.

OK. Datalogic wins. Your weight barcode setup will work fine on next update.


hahaha :smile: thanks emre but when? :frowning:
One thing I noticed @emre when I try to type S08 in the weight barcode prefix I cat type S but onlu digits I can type it in.
but if I copy and paste S08 it will come up.