Delete customer entity of tickets from RestaJet

I’ve a issue with merging tickets in a table entity.

We’ve started QR ordering with the RestaJet integration. When more than one person orders something the table entity will be filled with multple tickets with different customer entities.

To avoid this problem I added the customer information as a tag and tried multiple rules like:
rule Ticket Close; action Change Ticket Entity
rule Ticket entity changed ; action Change Ticket Entity
to delete the customer entity

none of them worked and now our customers cant merge tickets per table.

How can I solve this?

To merge tickets they need to all be part of the same entity and can not have calculations on them.

That’s the reason why i Try to change the customer entity to the same customer Entity.

But the problem is: Orders trough Graphql wont execute change ticket entity actions.

If SambaPOS woould execute this rule directly I would be helped. Now I have to open and close the ticket manually to execute this rule.

On the merge button remove the entities first. You can change default merge button to use automation by creating a Merge automation command and use Merge Tickets action instead of default merge. It will replace the default button with new one.

I mean switch to using automation for merge button instead of default… you can load tickets with Load ticket action and [:TicketIds] and then remove customer entities and then use merge action.

For the command it needs to be called Merge and Header as Merge

Map to Ticket List

May need to loop them.

Sorry it should be Merge Tickets for command

I can confirm this works… I just built it. Let me show you.

Before I press merge… notice two different customers john and jesse.

After Merge…

Entities removed and tickets are merged. But its still on the same table.

Cannot merge tickets when using employee entity from time clock - V5 Question - SambaClub Forum (

Also found that discussion, it may help.

PS This is also a neat trick to limit use of Merge. Add admin confirmation and now you can prevent accidental merge of all tickets. Or use ask question for even more control.

Thnxx Jesse, I didn’t know I could use the merge tickets command to work with. I though it was only hardcoded.

It is hardcoded but creating the command and mapping it to Ticket List overwrites it.

I get two buttons instead of 1 like you’ve. How could I remove the original merge button?

Just call it Merge and map to ticket list.