Delivery ticket lister proccesing very slow issue

Hello, why my sambapos v4.1.77 ticket lister widget showing and proccesing very slowly?

Why are you using v4.1.77 instead of v4.1.82?

There could be a plethora of reasons why it may operate slowly.

What DB Engine are you using? CE?

I am using CE. thanks QMckay.

You should definitely upgrade your CE installation to SQL Express, since it is very likely this is the cause of your issue.

Here is an updated tutorial that shows how to convert CE.

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I have same issue on delivery ticket lister and accounts. My database, sambapos.sdf mean CE is it correct? To solve this problem should i use sql express? If it is yes, can i load sambapos with sql express database or firstly load with CE then convert to it SQL? I use latest version of sambapos, SQL 2012 OR 2014 better?



Follow the instructions to install SQL Express 2014.
Then follow the instructions to convert CE to Express (within the same Installation & Setup Tutorial).
Then run SambaPOS and change your connection string.

SQL Express 2014 is better.

@qmckay The tutorial you linked of mine has the conversion method in it. He should follow it. It works more reliably than the older one Johns posted.

Scroll down to bottom of my tutorial its the second part.

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I do every setting then i read @emre tutorial to convert CE to SQL… Can u help me to complete my settngs.

Last picture there are 4 files created. Which one of them shoul i copy and paste for new database an query

You will run all 4 . Run them in order.

@kendash i am going to open them with txt file and i all copy and open sql 2014 select new query paste all in order? Correct?
Then click execute… And theN???

Create a blank database first. then right click that database and choose new query. Paste the first script in and execute, then paste 2nd script and execute… 3rd and execute… and so on… run them individually until you are done.

Ok… İ will try thx very much

when i open sambapos myold data doesnot appear… i execute all query. As you see at picture i create new database named selfselfie… And query all… something missing.??

All your showing me is that you clicked on it… you have to expand it and click on tables to expand that.

Should look like this…

That is mine

Then your done your data is there. Those tables are your data. Now you just need to point SambaPOS to that database by setting the appropriate Data Connection String

From looking at your screenshot your connection string should be something like:

Data Source=ASUSNB\SAMBAPOS; Database=SelfSelfie;

my data connection string ASUSNB\SAMBAPOS what i hve to write ASUSNB\SelfSelfie??

Your database is NOT SambaPOS set the string like I showed you above and it will work.

oOHH sorry pardon me… i did not see… really sorry