Demo Printer not working - V4.1.82 - Resolved

Continuing the discussion from Using notepad as a printer in V4.1.47:

Hi, i’m new user to Sambapos. I think i’m experiencing the same thing, I’m trying to print with demo printer while i set up sambapos. I made everything default first to make sure i didn’t touch any setting, i only changed printer to Demo Printer.

In POS screen when i hit Print bill, there is no action following, only screen goes to table view.
Sambapos ver. 4.1.82
Default set up - only changed to demo pritner.
Win10 Korean language version.

Please help on this, thanks in advance.

You need to open notepad before the pront job is fire, the demo printer “prints” to notepad but if that isnt open then nothing will happen

Also i think you need to put a dot . as the printer name


It’s printing works, the problem was the name indeed.

Thanks a lot